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The Worst Things that happen on vacation

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When you book your vacations, you are probably not thinking about all the things that could go wrong. However, it is good to be prepared for a few of the most common worst thing that happen on vacation, to make sure that your vacation is not ruined. The good news is that none of these vacation disasters need destroy your vacation with the right attitude and little prevention.

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Hurricanes and Natural Disasters
Hurricanes and natural disasters cannot be predicted, although in the case of hurricanes, there is usually some forewarning of their arrival. The best action to take if planning on taking a vacation during hurricane season is to make sure that your insurance covers cancellation and early return. If you happen to be stranded in a vacation destination as a hurricane strikes, be sure to follow the instructions issued by your hotel or the local authorities. It is also a good idea to make a note of any important guidelines in a notebook in a case the electricity and internet stop working.

Lose your Passport
Your passport is certainly one of the most important documents you will have on you during your vacation, but it is not such a great tragedy if you lose it on vacation, although it can be time consuming to have it renewed. The best advice is to not take it with you unless you need it to change dollars, usually a photocopy of your passport will suffice, especially if accompanied by another photo id like a driver’s license. Otherwise, change dollars at your hotel or a place near where you are staying.

Airline Strikes
Airline strikes can be a big pain and are certainly one of the worst things that can happen on vacation. What is worse? That the airline strikes on your outward journey or that you are stranded in a sunny foreign destination and can’t get back to work? Hmmm? In either case, airline strikes can ruin your vacation and they cannot be predicted easily, especially as many strikes occur during the summer months to cause the most hassle. Once, again, remember to buy travel insurance that covers such eventualities.

One of the worst things that can happen to you on vacation, which could be fatal (and is also easily avoided) is heatstroke and severe dehydration. The simple rule is to drink plenty of water (and no, your tequila sunrise does not count towards your 2 liters a day quota!). One tip is to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink, and sip on water or coconut milk when you are thirsty rather than reaching for a beer. If you spend a lot of time in the ocean, you might also be unaware of how dehydrated you have become because of the cool water, so make sure you establish a clear routine of water consumption.

Lost Luggage
Delayed and lost luggage deserves its place in the worst things that can happen on vacation. Just imagine arriving to your dream vacation to find that you are the only one still waiting at the carousel at the airport, and your bags are nowhere in sight. The first thing you must do is go to the airline desk to report your missing luggage; usually they will be able to track it and give you some idea when it might arrive. If you have travel insurance, find out how much they will cover you to spend on temporary items that you will buy while waiting for your suitcases and then go out and spend it on your favorite fashion items! If you are forward thinking, you have probably got a spare outfit in your hand luggage (and swimsuit!), so the late arrival of your luggage is like a blessing in disguise for a spending spree!

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