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What Romantic Things can you do on Vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

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Well it’s that time of year again; time for you and your partner to head out on a romantic vacation, and what better place for romance than Puerto Vallarta? While you’re there you could try one of these 6 romantic activities that are guaranteed to bring you closer together than ever before.

 Romantic Puerto Vallarta

1. All over Mexico you’ll find vibrant and lively music as well as talented musicians who’d be more than happy to serenade you and your lover. Let the music and the waves carry you away from the cares of everyday life. As you sit in a restaurant, pay the musicians per song to set the tone for your romantic dinner.

 2. It might sound clichéd to suggest that you take a bubble bath together, but many of the luxury resorts in Puerto Vallarta will have big, Spa style baths that allow for comfortable canoodling! So we’d suggest grabbing a bottle of champagne, some scented candles and clambering to the bath for a big night in!

 3. Take an afternoon nap in a two person, beach-side hammock! Let the ocean breeze tickle your skin as you cuddle up and watch the sun (or moon) make the water shimmer.

 4. When you’re taking a romantic break in Puerto Vallarta you should really make a point of watching at least one sunset and one sunrise. Whether you see it from the beach or the balcony watching a sunset or sunrise in Puerto Vallarta will be truly unforgettable. There really is nothing more romantic than this.

 5. Taking a romantic walk along the beach could make the ideal way to start a day of romance; the almost ethereal beauty of Puerto Vallarta’s pristine beaches with their sweeping vistas and glittering waters will infuse your morning with pure romance. Why not walk hand in hand down to the beach before getting lunch.

 6. Push yourself out of to your comfort zone! Getting your adrenaline pumping is probably one of the best ways to bond (even further) with your partner, and there are a huge variety of thrilling adventure tours and activities that will really get your hearts pounding.

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