Take a Trip to Puerto Vallarta for Restaurant Week


Between May 15 and May 31, 2015, Puerto Vallarta will be hosting its 11th annual Vallarta Lifestyle’s Restaurant Week. This cultural exploration allows vacationers and locals to sample foods from Puerto Vallarta’s most prestigious restaurants at prices they can afford. So if you want to get your taste buds tingling on new flavors and food combinations, this is the event you’ve been looking for. You will get to try menus from Puerto Vallarta’s most popular restaurants and find out why these restaurants are all considered some of the best places to eat while vacationing here.

Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week first started in 2005 as a humble attempt to get people to stretch their cultural norms by trying a variety of foods. Since then, the tradition has occurred every year, and now the restaurants add an extra incentive to try their foods by offering reduced menu prices. Popular restaurants from all over Puerto Vallarta feature their prize delights at discounted prices—some close to half off the regular menu price! You can get full meals, appetizers, salads, and even desserts at prices ranging between $199 and $299 pesos.

Spending quality time with your loved ones just got more exciting and fun if you participate in the Restaurant Week experience. You get a sense of adventure because you’re tasting dishes and flavor combinations you may not be used to experiencing. So why not try something new? Since these restaurants are all known for their premium foods, you are destined to discover a treat that you will want to have each time you visit places like Puerto Vallarta.

Many vacationers will tell you that if you want to see Puerto Vallarta, the best time to go is during Vallarta Lifestyle’s Restaurant Week. You get to experience some of the finest cuisines Puerto Vallarta has to offer, and you get to meet other food critics and food lovers who specifically visit here just for the Restaurant Week event.


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