What is the Point of Vacation Club Membership?


There are many reasons why people join vacation clubs and the benefits are numerous. The main point of vacation clubs is to offer timeshare owners the opportunity to easily swap their units for other destinations. This means that owners can visit a different place every year, if they so wish. Not all timeshare owners want to travel to different places and actually prefer to revisit the same destination, seeing their timeshare as a second home. However, vacation clubs provide this attractive option and some clubs even offer a temporary membership or a short term membership.

What happens when a timeshare owner joins is vacation club is that the timeshare is classified according to certain criteria and then allocated a number of points. These points can then be exchanged for other properties offered by the vacation club. You can also join a vacation club even if you do not own a timeshare. You simply buy the equivalent points to that of a timeshare and then use those points to book timeshare accommodations in the destination of your choice.

Joining a vacation club is also good motivation to take regular vacations. Most timeshare owners or vacation club members report that they are more likely to spend quality time with their families thanks to vacation ownership. The fact that you have already paid for your vacation accommodation gives an extra incentive. You are also in effect freezing the price of your future accommodation costs at today’s prices.

Because vacation clubs are exchanging timeshare properties, members benefit from the large units that are customary with the timeshare industry. These properties are much more spacious than hotel rooms and usually include fully equipped kitchens and living rooms. This can help keep the costs of family vacations lower as you can prepare meals in your apartment avoiding having to eat every meal in a restaurant.

Flexibility is key when thinking about the benefits of vacation clubs. Depending on your membership privileges, you exchange your points for the type of accommodation you want during the dates that you prefer and can even split your weeks, taking two short getaways in the same year. Any unused points can be banked for the next year. This also means that if you cannot use your points one year you can save them for the next, although you will still have to pay your maintenance fees.

Finally, some vacation clubs offer great discounts to members on airfares and additional vacations. You might also find discounts in local stores or restaurants.


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