New Timeshare Scams

New Timeshare Scams

New Timeshare Scams

There are many legitimate and excellent choices for timeshare ownership in Mexico. There are many more satisfied timeshare owners very happy with their purchase than those who have had bad experiences. Owning a timeshare offers a chance to enjoy luxury vacations at a variety of beautiful resorts located throughout Mexico.  Be aware that there are scammers out there who want try to take advantage of timeshare owners by creating fraudulent companies to convince innocent timeshare owners they are legitimate consulting companies, when in fact they are only out to scam. Below we will share some of the new timeshare scams you will want to avoid.

Timeshare Scams

Scams from the past usually happened when fraudulent timeshare companies tried to sell timeshares illegally. Today, we see scammers using new timeshare scams to try to scam people out of their hard earned money. This new approach involves going after current timeshare owners by offering them services to resell or cancel their existing timeshare scam. They may even offer to sell your old timeshare for you but only if you purchase a new timeshare with their company at the same time. Sometimes, they may even claim they already have a willing buyer who wants to purchase your old timeshare. The number one warning sign that you are being scammed is when they ask you to pay an upfront fee.  Beware of any companies who offer these type of services in order to protect yourself and safely preserve your timeshare investment!

Scammers Posing as Consultants

Recently, the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) notified timeshare owners that timeshare scammers are falsely claiming to work in conjunction with its association. Working under the name of “Resort Consulting Advocates”, this fraudulent company scammed several timeshare owners by claiming to have interested buyers for timeshare properties that they wanted to sell. “Resort Consulting Advocates” even went as far to create false sale documents and contracts which included a “100% guarantee” that the sale would go through, but the reality was they had no buyer. Instead, they fraudulently charged the victim an upfront fee and then were gone without a trace.

Fraudulent Resellers

“Resort Consulting Advocates” is one of several timeshare scam companies posing as legitimate companies to try to scam timeshare owners into using their services. Many times these companies regularly change their company name in an attempt to avoid getting caught. Because of this, innocent timeshare owners fall victim to these types of timeshare scams. Make sure you are extra cautious if you are contacted by a timeshare resale, rental or cancellation company.  It is most likely that the company is run by scammers so it is recommended that you avoid them at all costs. The best way to protect your timeshare investment is to only deal directly with the timeshare company you purchased from. If you ever have any concerns or complaints regarding your timeshare ownership, direct them to a trained staff member and not involve a third party who may be scamming to steal your hard earned money.

Scammed?  What to do next

Have you been scammed and not sure what to do next? If so, make sure to immediately contact your timeshare company to alert them of the situation and provide all details and information you have available. By sharing your experience, you can help the genuine timeshare company warn other members so they can avoid being scammed themselves. It is recommended to contact the local authorities as well, and if you choose you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. We should work together to prevent other innocent timeshare victims from falling prey to the same type of timeshare scam.

Upfront Fees are a Red Flag

In conclusion, never pay an upfront fee to a third party that offers resale assistance related to your timeshare. Make sure to take plenty of time researching any company that offers this kind of services because most are timeshare scammers in disguise. It is best to always go directly to the company you bought your legitimate timeshare from, and never involved a third party who claims they can help you. By practicing these safety measures, we hope you will be safe from scammers and can enjoy your beloved timeshare investment for many years to come.


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