What are the Maintenance Fees Myths?

There are a lot of myths circulating about timeshare maintenance fees, some of which are very misleading and false. So let’s explore some of the myths and get to the bottom of the subject.


Myth No.1
You don’t have to pay them
This is possibly one of the most costly myths as it could get you into serious financial trouble as well as cause you to lose the rights to your timeshare property. The clear message here is that you do not have a choice about paying your timeshare maintenance fees. When you sign a contract you are agreeing to pay the fees no matter if you use your property or not. You could face expensive legal action if you do not pay your maintenance fees and will not be able to use your timeshare unless you are up to date.

Myth No.2
They are an excuse to charge more money
Unless you are unlucky and have bought with a fraudulent timeshare company, you can be sure that your maintenance fees are not just a scam. Your fees go towards securing your investment and making sure that your property does not deteriorate. Your money will also go towards the general upkeep of the common areas like the pools, spas, outdoor Jacuzzis, security etc. Without your maintenance fees, you vacation property would end up being rather undesirable in a very short space of time.

Myth No.3
My timeshare maintenance fees will stay the same price
Only in a perfect world would this be the case. Thanks to inflation and the rise in the cost of living, labor and materials you cannot avoid that your maintenance fees will rise over time. The increments are usually very fair when you buy a timeshares from a long standing reputable company and will reflect the level of luxury of the resort where your property is located. It goes without saying that timeshare or residence club maintenance fees in five star resorts will be higher than in more economic resorts, so always take that into consideration when comparing maintenance fee quotas with friends or on internet forums.

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