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Insight into How to Cancel a Timeshare Directly

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With hundreds of thousands of visitors choosing to vacation on its shores each year, it is no surprise that Mexico ranks amongst the most popular countries in the world for timeshares and vacation club memberships. The best timeshare developers concentrate in popular destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Riviera Maya, Cancun, Cozumel and Los Cabos. The main reason top developers focus on these destinations are due to the many benefits: sunny weather throughout the year, attractions, beaches, cuisine and more.

You may be thinking, if these destinations are so fabulous, why would anyone even be thinking about how to cancel a timeshare? Nevertheless, if you are one of those curious souls that likes to know how to do something just in case, read on.

Insight into how to cancel a timeshare directly

Here you will find out all you need to know regarding how to cancel a timeshare. You will learn about your rights as a timeshare consumer, the rescission period and timeshare cancellation scams.

Your Rights as a Timeshare Consumer

As a timeshare consumer, you have rights just as you would with any other purchase that you have made with a retailer. Both timeshare consumers and timeshare companies in Mexico are protected by a rescission period, which is also referred to as the cooling off period. The rescission period will protect the timeshare consumer in the event that they would like to cancel their timeshare while protecting the timeshare company from cancellations at a later stage. Assuming that your chosen timeshare company is delivering on their promises as laid out in your contract, after the rescission period has ended you will have no legal grounds for cancellation. You wouldn’t take back a shirt you bought at a store some months later and expect a refund, would you? Even if it was damaged!

Respect the rescission period

Even when the timeshare contract has been signed and your timeshare membership has been purchased, there is still time to cancel your timeshare, but not without limits. You can legally cancel the timeshare membership within the rescission period. Your timeshare resort can let you know the length of rescission period time.

Cancelling timeshare after the expiration of rescission period

If you are looking to cancel your timeshare membership and the rescission period has passed can you still cancel? The answer for the case of legitimate timeshare memberships from reputable companies is “no.”  Once the rescission period has expired, then legally you don’t have the right to cancel. There isn’t a timeshare lawyer or cancellation company that can genuinely provide this service for you – you are fighting against the law. If you are made to believe anything to the contrary, you are probably walking into a scam. Timeshare cancellation companies are generally scammers and frauds. Don’t fall for the no-obligation consultation as you will most certainly be billed a high fee later.

Timeshare cancellation scams and why we fall for them

Timeshare cancellation scams are becoming more and more popular and many people still fall for them. Why, you may ask? The reason is that the timeshare cancellation frauds will tell you information that you want to hear until you pay your fee. Then you realize that it was all lies. You call the timeshare resort and find out that your membership has not been cancelled and that you are in serious debt for all the payments you have not made. Because you are behind on payments, you can’t even use your timeshare, rent it or sell it. Your wallet is lighter from what you paid the cancellation fraudsters and you have nothing to show for the money you have spent on a second home.

What’s the solution to cancelling your timeshare?

The best solution that we have ever heard is actually enjoying your timeshare. If finances are a worry, rent out alternate years to help cover your payments. In all cases, your first step should be to contact the resort and talk through your concerns. Touching base again with the team may help you squash your fears and stop you from wanting to cancel a timeshare.

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