How To Know if It’s a Timeshare Scam

How To Know if It's a Timeshare Scam

Timeshare scams could inadvertently happen to you if you don’t know the warning signs to look out for. Having a vacation club membership is a smart way to plan ahead effectively for future vacations, but you should also be aware that there are timeshare scams out there to avoid.  Do you want to invest with a quality vacation membership, but protect yourself from scammers at the same time? If so, read below to know the top timeshare scam warning signs and you will successfully prevent a timeshare scam from happening to you.

#1 Warning Sign: No Reputation

The best way to avoid a timeshare scam is to find a reputable provider like the award winning Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa. Resorts and vacation clubs like Garza Blanca that have been recognized for their superior standards and service are always the best choice.  A company with a bad reputation is a clear no. However, what do you do if you run across a company that has no reputation at all? That is actually a red flag when a vacation club has no information about them at all. The majority of timeshare scammers are able to keep finding new victims and avoid prosecution by authorities by simply regularly changing their company name. That way, they can continue to scam unsuspecting victims. Before you purchase any vacation membership, always thoroughly investigate the company and consider their reputation. If a provider has no reputation at all, that timeshare company is most likely a scammer and should be avoided at all costs.

#2 Lack Of Resort Network

These days, most legitimate timeshare companies prefer to be in a network with other similar resorts. The reason is today’s vacation club members want their membership to have more flexibility and variety so they can enjoy vacations at different resort properties within the network. If a timeshare company is not connected with a network or resort partnership, then that could be a sign that they are a timeshare scammer. Today’s savvy vacation club members demand the added choice of vacationing at different properties as opposed to being stuck vacationing at one location. When a timeshare company is not part of a network or group, it should be considered a potential warning sign that they are a timeshare scammer.

#3 Suspicious Sales Rep 

Another way to pinpoint a timeshare scam is to take a good look at the sales rep or promoter who is trying to make the sale. All legitimate sales reps are given ID’s that they can present that links to them the resort they claim to work for.  Always ask the sales representative to show you their proper identification before you waste your time. If a sales rep cannot produce a valid ID, then they most likely timeshare scammers. Also, stop and think about where the sales representative contacted you.  Timeshare scammers are not authorized to promote in shopping centers or at the airport, so if a sales representative approaches you around town, be very careful.  Ask for valid identification and you can protect yourself from becoming a timeshare scam victim.

#4 Off Site Contract Signing 

Another warning sign of a timeshare scam happens when the sales representative gets you interested in a particular resort, but then takes you to a different resort for the tour. This is a huge indicator that a timeshare scam is underway. Also, where did the sales representative perform the sales presentation? Did they rush you through a tour at the resort, but then quickly take you to a totally different location off site to sign the membership contract? This is a major red flag of a timeshare scam. If any sales representative performs a sales presentation off site or asks you to sign the contract a different location outside of the resort, then they are most likely a timeshare scammer.

#5 Follow Your Gut

Did you have an general feeling of unease in dealing with the sales rep or catch them in little white lies? If so, you are probably dealing with a scammer as legitimate timeshare sales representatives are professional, honest, and not permitted to tell any incorrect or dishonest information about resort membership plans. If something just felt off, follow your gut and trust your instincts to stay safe. Follow these warning signs to avoid about timeshare scams and you will be protected. A vacation club membership with a genuine timeshare company is an excellent opportunity and investment for you as long as you only deal with reputable companies.


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