Can I Cancel My Timeshare?

Can I Cancel My Timeshare?

Are you considering cancelling your timeshare membership? Before you make a costly mistake, make sure to read this first. Below has all the information you need to know in regards to a timeshare membership cancellation and the potential repercussions you could face.

Can I Cancel?

It is important to understand and accept that like any other contract or document, timeshare contracts are legally binding agreements that cannot be cancelled after the cooling off period has ended. It doesn’t matter the varied reasons you may have for wanting to cancel a membership. The contract is a legal document and clearly states that after signing your membership cannot be cancelled. It is wise to understand that a timeshare membership contract is legal and must be treated as such. Once you realize that you cannot cancel a membership, you can avoid potential scams from timeshare cancellation companies that could try to convince you otherwise. It is best to enjoy your vacations and start planning how you can make the most of your vacation ownership investment.

What Is A Cooling Off Period?

The cooling off period is the time period after signing a timeshare contract in which you are able to cancel. This time frame was created in order to protect timeshare providers as well as new members. This allows new owners to have a few days to more thoroughly read through the contract, and understand the timeshare membership commitment. In addition, it also protects timeshare providers from clients that change their mind or made a rash decision. The cooling off period is generally 5 to 14 days when you can legally cancel after the contract was signed.  Make sure to check the details of your contract carefully so you can accurately verify the specific dates for your membership. Once the cooling off period has ended, owners cannot cancel their membership. At that time, the timeshare provider also begins officially processing the sale and pays out commission to their sales reps.

Cooling Off Period Is Over: What Can I Do Now?   

Did you look carefully at your timeshare contract and are realizing that the cooling off period has already ended? Are you now not sure what to do next since you were considering a cancellation? Since you cannot cancel, isn’t it better to begin scheduling your next vacation to enjoy your timeshare membership?  If you purchased a membership with a reputable company such as Tafer Resorts, you will be pleased to know that you are now a member with one of the most prestigious and reputable luxury resorts in Mexico. With properties in Puerto Vallarta and new construction underway in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Maya, as a Tafer Resort owner you now have the chance to create wonderful vacation memories with your loved ones.  Don’t let the hustle and bustle of daily life pass you by…make the most of it and assure you take time to enjoy the special moments that make life so wonderful.

Avoid Timeshare Cancellation Companies

In addition, it is critical to recognize and avoid fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies that claim they can cancel your timeshare. This is not accurate. Instead, timeshare cancellation companies scam innocent owners into believing they can cancel their contract, but they end up charging an upfront fee and then do not provide a service. Do not waste your time or let your hard earned money be scammed from you. Avoid all timeshare cancellation companies as these fraudsters will only create additional stress and financial duress.

To conclude, you now know that if your cooling off period has passed, you are unable to cancel your membership. As a result, appreciate the great investment you have made in you and start enjoying your membership by making vacation plans. The beautiful and luxurious Tafer Resorts are guaranteed to provide you with the best vacation experiences of your life. Start enjoying your timeshare membership now, and soon you will view it as your dream home in paradise!  


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