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Which Beaches are the Best in Cancun?

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If you’ve ever been in Cancun, perhaps you already have the idea of the kind of beaches this famed place has.  The sea, sun and sand experience are glamorously put at the higher level that’s never been reached by other beaches of the Caribbean.  They are very picturesque as if they came straight out of a postcard.  Whether you’re a relaxing vacationer or a highly active body, you can easily find the beach perfectly suited for you.

The list below have been tagged as the best beaches of Cancun.  They are special with qualities that are unique and breathtaking.  Explore it and find out for yourself which of these beaches you’ll consider as the Cancun’s cream of the crop.

Which Beaches are the Best in Cancun?

Playa Delfines

The most suitable beach for any water sport activity because of its large size and clear, blue waters.  If you love snorkeling, then try going down through its waters.  You’ll easily see the colorful life down under, including corals and sea plants.  If it’s jet skiing you adore, you’ll never run out of space with waters that seem to extend eternally.  Take a break after a whole day run and find a comfortable accommodation in one of Cancun’s best resorts, the Iberostar Cancun Resort.

North Beach – Isla Mujeres

Beach bars dominate its seafront area and it attracts hordes of tourist into its inviting nightlife scene.  The North Beach or Playa Norte can be accessed when you’re in Isla Mujeres and is considered one of Cancun’s pride.  Its main selling point, however, is its rock and wave free waters that are shallow and clear.  If you revered the sun, watch it majestically make its way down and slowly disappear in front of your witnessing eyes.

Playa Forum

If meeting and socializing with new people bring you more thrills than the eternal waters of the beach, then your feet are on the right sandy grounds of Playa Forum.  Being situated in the famous area of Punta Cancun, it’s the topmost place for hanging out with the intention of winning new friends.  Stroll around casually and you’ll be met by smiling faces and welcoming gestures.  The city’s most popular public beach is teeming with interesting people.  The Mandala Beach Club is found here; it provides a cozy accommodation to complete such a wonderful beach vacation.

Playa Chac Mool

Sharing the same coastline with Playa Forum, the Playa Chac Mool Beach also enjoys the same set of glittering white sand and amazing waters.  The only big difference lies in the number of its patrons, with Playa Chac Mool not as touristy compared to the always crowded Playa Forum.  It’s a blessing for those in search of a peaceful spot where true relaxation is at hand.

Playa Tortugas

Playa Tortugas boasts of  calm waters and is the preferred choice of visiting families.  It has a facility for bungee jumping and offers wide choices for gastronomy.  One of the Hotel Zones safest beaches to go swimming because there’s no wave that serves as a threat.  This beach will give the kids a heyday, as they can go anywhere in the waters without the watchful eyes of their parents.

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