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Why is Christmas the Best in Cancun?

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The ever vibrant Cancun in Mexico is one of the best places you can spend your Christmas. With its wonderful Caribbean setting, perfect for a tropical vacation, there’s a lot more on offer when the Christmas season arrives.  From street parades celebrating Mexico’s patroness, the Virgin of Guadalupe and the colorful displays adorning its city streets to the elaborate Christmas preparations and panoramic events for the Winter Solstice, Cancun is a vacation destination where you will feel the real spirit of Christmas.

New year in Cancun

Here are just three of the reasons why Christmas is the best in Cancun

1.  Winter That is Warm, Sunny and Comfortable

Winter (and therefore, Christmas) in Cancun is far from gloomy and freezing cold. Cancun maintains its tropical weather and high temperatures throughout the dreaded winter.  People across the US and Canada visit Cancun for that great escape from the biting cold of their countries’ climate.  They find and appreciate how Cancun still has that sunny feel, ideal for many outdoor activities to celebrate a Christmas season actively.

2.  Numerous Reasons for Celebration

December in Cancun means a month of celebration and festivities.  Mexicans know how to celebrate and are lovers of a good party.  As early as December 12, a religious event that also showcases its rich culture is held in honor to its revered icon, the Virgin of Guadalupe.  Street entertainment can be enjoyed as people parade in colorful attires.  The Christmas celebrations will then continue until Christmas Eve, with parties that are known as posadas. Each night until Christmas Day, families and friends will gather to celebrate the Christmas season.

At the end of the month, Cancun’s inhabitants and visitors will joyfully celebrate the New Year’s Eve with a fireworks display illuminating the darkness of the night. But the celebrations don’t stop there, Christmas continues until the Feast of the Three Kings known as El Dia de los Reyes, where the traditional breaking of a sweet bread call the “Rosca” will happen and children in Mexico will receive gifts from the Three Kings.

3.  Ancient Celebrations

With the great Mayan Civilization still showing its wide influence among the Mexican people, you will still see plenty of sacred rituals around Christmas time related to the Winter Solstice on December 21st. Visit one of the archaeological sites in and around Cancun at this time and you are likely to see special ceremonies to honor the shortest day of the year. For example, in Chichen Itza, the main pyramid, El Castillo Temple, is a sight to behold, as the shadow cast by the sun seems to cut the monumental building in half. Other Mayan sites of interest within easy reach are El Rey in Cancun’s hotel zone, El Meco, in the Playa Mujeres area and Tulum.

There’s no place in Mexico that will give you a Christmas experience like Cancun!

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