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Why Choose Puerto Vallarta for your Honeymoon

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So, you’re planning your wedding, or you’ve just been married, and it’s time to think about ensuring that your honeymoon is the very best it can be because, after all, it’s a celebration and representation of your love and union. With that in mind we’ve got some reasons as to why you should choose Puerto Vallarta, on Mexico’s Banderas Bay, as the destination for your honeymoon.


You see Puerto Vallarta is famous for the romantic atmosphere that surrounds the beautiful city. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor reputedly fell in love here, and often frequented the city- putting it on the map, so to speak. What really sets it apart from the many other romantic destinations around the world is the sheer diversity that can be found in it.

You see when you honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta you can build your own, bespoke, honeymoon experience that really reflects everything that is unique about you as a couple. Whether you want to have a fine dining experience on the beach, watching the sun set below the glittering waves, with entertainment and firelight to keep you cosy, or you’d rather live it up in a wild beach bar that serves great grub you can do so with ease.

The natural beauty of the area is, as we have said, famous so nature lovers will be truly in their element. In a few hours you can go from glittering seas and golden sands to mountains covered in jungles to urban landscapes. This is one of the main reasons to choose Puerto Vallarta; if nothing else it can stand as a symbol for the road ahead. Marriage can be smooth sailing or an uphill, rocky path that’s hard going, but it’s always beautiful when you love each other.

Puerto Vallarta is a city of fusion; here the old meets the new, luxury meets market chic, and urban glitz meets the glorious power and beauty of Mother Nature.

If you want to see old Mexico in motion you can venture into the downtown area of the city where you can see colonial architecture and old fashioned cobblestone streets still full of life. And if you want nature in all its glory you need only venture northward to some of the smaller villages where you can hire treks into the jungle covered mountains to see the local flora and fauna. In a day you can go from a posh breakfast in Puerto Vallarta to a relaxed beachfront lunch in Sayulita and be back for a romantic night time cruise complete with fireworks, dinner and alcohol.

What’s more you can do it all in complete luxury. The resorts in this city are widely considered to be some of the most luxurious in the Riviera Nayarit. These resorts range from family-friendly with kids clubs to exclusive couples only hotels, and they cater to all needs. Most of them have world class Spas, more than one restaurant, and some even have championship standard golf courses!

Keep in mind when you choose your honeymoon destination, whether it be Puerto Vallarta or not, that the key thing is not keeping with the tradition of honeymoons, but keeping you and your other half happy.

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