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Why a Vacation to Mexico Can Mean More Sex

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Sex is often one of the last things we have at home, even though we think about it, due to our busy lives. A few reasons we just don’t have enough sex is work, kids, and long, late nights. All of these things seem to get in the way with romance, and is why we just don’t have sex. So, did you ever wonder why a vacation to Mexico can actually mean more sex? When you get on the plane to come to Mexico, we leave all of our worries and busy lives behind, even for a while, and we seem to have more sex.


Why is this? Well, there are some scientific and psychological reasons for this.

The sunshine is one reason why vacationing in Mexico leads us to having more sex. The sun brings us happiness and joy, and it also provides our bodies with Vitamin D. Vitamin D stimulates our sex hormones, moods, and energy, which allows us to be in the mood for sex. This is why it is not uncommon for vacationers to Mexico to have more sex, because of the sunshine and hot weather. Also, this hot weather means you will be wearing less clothing, and revealing more skin. It is always a turn on when you see someone wearing less clothes and showing more skin.

A New Country
Mexico is a new and exciting country that is going to be totally different to your own country. You will be able to relax, be friendly and outgoing. When you are traveling with your partner, then it allows you to be outgoing and carefree, and if you are traveling solo, then you can engage with someone new, and who cares if you have sex with this person. You won’t be running into this person at your local grocery store, because you are in a new country.

The Children Are at Home
Every parent adores their children, but it is a known fact that our children can prevent us from having sex. This is why it is important that you ignite that romance when you take a vacation to Mexico. When you have arrived in Mexico, checked into your hotel room, and all you can hear is each other’s voices, then you will be able to give your partner dedicated attention. You two will have the time to reconnect with one another, and have the sex that you have been lacking at home. Take advantage of this time together.

Have Tequila or Two!
Do you want to feel relaxed and carefree when you are on your vacation to Mexico? If so, then enjoy some margaritas and/or tequilas. Drinking alcohol will allow you to leave all your problems behind you, and focus on having a good time while you are on your vacation in Mexico. Drinking alcohol can also boost your confidence. Alcohol is sometimes referred to as, “Liquid Courage”, and this puts you in a relaxed mood, where all of your troubles are forgotten. No matter if you’re married or single, drinking a few alcoholic drinks will give you the strength and courage to talk to that sexy person at the bar.

An Array of New People
Don’t you hate going to the same bar or club, and then you run into the same old people? This is very boring and bland, because everyone looks the same and has the same type of lifestyle. A vacation in Mexico allows you to meet an array of new people. You will meet people from everywhere around the world. This will allow you to talk about their culture, your culture, and different interests. It also gives you a chance to meet people with ease. With so many new people, your chances of finding someone you like and having sex is increased.

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