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What you need to know about Cancun Airport

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Travelling is the stressful, but sadly necessary, side of taking a vacation. Especially if you’re taking an international vacation! So, to make your travels to Mexico less stressful, we’ve compiled all the information you might need about Cancun airport!

Arrival at Cancun Airport
Arrival at Cancun international airport is pretty simple; once you hit the tarmac you just need to cross to the terminal in the open air. Most importantly make sure you are wearing layers; the heat in Cancun (whether it’s daytime or night) will shock anyone from a cold climate. Make sure that you can shed some clothes if the heat proves too intense for you. Heat stroke is never a good way to start your vacation.

Thankfully the baggage claim is easy to get the hang of in Cancun airport; here you can arrange taxis and car rentals. After you pass immigration you’ll run into the timeshare promoters. If you decide to go to a presentation then don’t worry; the timeshare promoters inside the airport are regulated. Don’t go with any promoters outside the airport though! If you arranged your transfer transportation before arrival then keep an eye out for your name on a sign and head out when you find it!

Leaving Cancun Airport
When leaving Cancun international airport you should give yourself plenty of time to get through check in; Cancun international airport is small, but very busy! You could find that your line up is very long, especially if you’re on a Aeromexico flight; we suggest you arrive at least two hours before departures. It’s best if you also print off your boarding pass before leaving, but if you can’t, you must be sure to leave enough time to print them at a terminal in the airport.

Once you’re checked in and ready to go you can have a look at the airport’s shops, or have a bite to eat at TGI Fridays with your family until you’re ready to board!

Anymore tips about how to best navigate Cancun Airport? If so you can leave a comment underneath.

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