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What are your Timeshare Solutions?

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What are your Timeshare Solutions?

Timeshare membership provides valuable accommodation solutions for people who go on vacation a lot and want to save money. The best timeshare memberships give you options to stay at some of the most beautiful and reputable international resorts! Timeshare memberships aren’t everyone’s taste, but those that do like the idea of timeshare memberships will appreciate the solutions they offer for affordable trips.

Take a look below at some of the timeshare solutions you can enjoy in 2018.

Points Based Vacation Clubs

The best timeshare solution on the market today is what is called the points based vacation club membership. This membership allows people to have the flexibility of using points that they purchase to reserve their vacation time. Instead of using 7-week or seasonal slots (like some of the ones listed below), members can reserve vacations spots that are less than 7 days or longer than 7-day intervals if they desire.

And the beauty of the points system is this: you can vacation as much as you want in as many different places you want if you have enough points to do so!  Also, some clubs offer meal plans with your points (and other resort services). This timeshare solution is the popular option for the modern-day worker.

Fixed Weeks

The very first timeshare membership started out as a reservation schedule that allowed members to buy a specific set of weeks out the year. This scheduled assumed you got your vacation during the same set of weeks each year, and this was perfect three and four decades ago. But in the modern world, most people’s schedules aren’t as fixed as that, so a more flexible reservation schedule was needed, which gave birth to the floating weeks solution.

Floating Weeks

Floating weeks is the answer to the conflict of having the fixed week membership. If your vacation weeks vary every year, this is the best solution for you since it offers reservations within seasonal blocks (like summer or shoulder season) instead of actual dates.

Exchange Companies

The growing demand for timeshare memberships brought with it the interest in trading in floating weeks at one resort to use at another resort. Companies like RCI (the Registry Collection and Interval International) were created to offer timeshare solutions for people who wanted to explore other countries with their timeshare membership.

Cancellation Attorneys

No matter how much you invest in this seeming timeshare solution, it will be a waste of your time. These attorneys can’t give you what they promise: to cancel your timeshare membership. What they fail to tell customers is that there is no possibility of cancelling the contract outside the rescission period. So, save yourself both time and money by not exploring this solution.

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