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What NOT to do when deciding on your Vacation

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If you’re one of those people who seems to always make bad decisions when it comes down to your vacations? Does it always seem to be rainy season when you arrive, or is there never anything that really takes your fancy? If so, we might have some advice that will help you to get it right this time.


Don’t let others choose for you
The best thing to do before you choose a place to go is do your research! Don’t just hop to the new big location that everyone’s going to right now just because they say it’s good. If you hate art, fashion and museums then you probably won’t want to go to Milan or Paris, and if you like the sunshine you probably won’t want to go to the Alps for a ski trip. It might sound obvious, but just do what you love.

Don’t focus on the negatives
As new-agey and hippy-ish as it might sound, visualizing positive things regarding your upcoming vacation can help to put you in the right frame of mind to make the most of it. When you’re relaxed and happy already you should picture getting on the plane on time, kicking back and relaxing by the pool, having a few drinks and a good laugh at the bar, or even just enjoying your suite. If you can attach the idea of your vacation to this feeling of being relaxed and content then you’re less likely to focus on the negatives if little things go wrong.

Don’t feel you have to go further than you want to
Unless you’re an adventurous soul and really MUST go to Australia you’d be better picking somewhere fairly close to home; 24 hour flights do not make a good start to most vacations, and short travel times are better for the kids. If you go somewhere closer to home you’ll be in line for a less stressful journey.

Don’t stretch your finances
Booking a super luxurious location is only a relaxing treat if you don’t spend the whole vacation worrying about if you can really afford it. The best thing you could do, if you really want to go high end with your accommodation, is to choose a destination closer to home to save money on flights (that you can spend on your rooms). Or vice versa, if you wish.

Don’t think you don’t need insurance.
It can be easy to get into the way of thinking that you won’t need insurance because you’ll be extra careful. It’s much safer to have insurance and never need it than to find yourself in a situation where you do need it, and then realize you don’t have it.

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