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Save N Vacations Scam

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Luckily these days, most people are very savvy about scams, especially related to handing over large chunks of money, as is the case for vacations. Recently, I have received a couple of emails and a number of comments about Save N Vacations scams, some of which ask me how legitimate Save N Vacations really is and some giving me some insight into how Save N Vacations works.


Is Save N Vacations a Scam?
There is no scam involved with Save N Vacations. It is an authentic travel agency with telesales offices in Mexico. You may be called by Save N Vacations from the following number: 1 (855) 873 7988. Some people really don’t like cold calling, which is why many people think it is a scam. The complaints I have received are not about Save N Vacations being a scam but the fact that they call to your homes.

Save N Vacations 1 (855) 873 7988 target households in the United States and Canada with offers for discounted vacations in Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. As Save N Vacations specialize in these two destinations, you can be sure to receive accurate and detailed information from the Save N Vacations call center about the vacation deals on offer. All packages are all inclusive and available only to those households that qualify for the offer. For this reason, you are called directly by agents from the call center 1 (855) 873 7988 to ascertain if you are eligible for the all inclusive deal.

If Save N Vacations is not a scam, how can it offer such cheap all inclusive packages?
The easy answer is that the all inclusive packages are part of a marketing campaign to get you to the destinations offered and to invite you to a sales presentation. The idea is that you will fall in love with the destination and resort and choose to invest in vacation ownership. Customer reviews for Save N Vacation all indicate that there is no obligation to buy anything in exchange for the discount, but your attendance at the presentation is obligatory otherwise you will be charged the full price for your vacation package.

In conclusion, there is no scam at Save N Vacations, just make sure you read your contract and attend the presentation on time and sober!

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