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How to Avoid Transport Scams at Mexican Airports

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How to Avoid Transport Scams at Mexican Airports

Let’s just say for arguments sake, you’ve gone and got yourself a Mexican vacation package this year, or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a timeshare to go to. In any case you’ll need transportation between your accommodation and the airport. If you’re a veteran of travel, or if you research a little, you might come to the conclusion that the best thing you can do is book your transportation links in advance.

Certainly, this will save time and stress, but it does put you in the firing line of transportation scams in Mexican airports. Read on to find out about how these scams are run, and how you can avoid them;

Beware transport scams at Mexican airports

The main risk of transport scams arises when you’re in the process of leaving the airport; rival companies and independent transport providers will try to get you to use their business. This is fine, of course, unless you’ve already booked, and they pretend to be your company. In which case it’s fraudulent!

People who lie about this are generally unlicensed transport providers who are not authorized to work in the airport in the first place; they will try to convince you that they are a representative of the company that you booked with in order to usher you into a car or bus. They’ll get you where you’re going, of course, but at the end of the trip you’ll find you’ve been scammed and be landed with a second transport bill!

Avoid transport scams at Mexican airports?

Be sure to make a note of the name of your company (i.e. the company you booked with) and all the details of the confirmation email they send you. Have a copy of that email in paper form and on your phone or tablet. When approached by an agent check that they are wearing a company uniform or have ID, and that you are on their reservation list before you leave the airport. If you any doubts about the person you’re dealing with ask questions!

What to do when you have been involved in a transport scam at a Mexican airport?

If you get to your destination and find out that, despite your best efforts, you have been scammed there are a few things you should do.

First and foremost, you should take the name of the company and agent that picked you up, get the vehicle registration, too if you can. At this point you should pass the information along to the airport and police; you need a permit to work in Mexican airports, and so there’s a chance these individuals do not have one (and if they do, they’ll lose it). You might even get your money back!

Hopefully, this helps you to avoid transport scams at Mexican airports!

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