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Timeshare’s Impact on Local Communities

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Timeshare's Impact on Local Communities

There are many things that are said about timeshares. Some think that a timeshare is purely a scam, but there are some people who absolutely love timeshares. There is one thing that cannot be mistaken about the timeshare industry and that is the timeshare’s impact on local communities. The communities that rely on tourism, the timeshare industry provides these communities with numerous benefits. The benefits often will bypass the traditional ways of tourism like the hotels.

Timeshare’s Impact on Local Communities Include: 

Tourism is Repeated

Tourism is repeated into the community, which is one of the best and most appreciated benefits. This will provide the local community with an economy that is stable. It isn’t hard to see the benefits of the community when the economy is stable such as infrastructure is increased and services are requested. 

Jobs are Brought to the Local Community

Employment is brought to the local community because timeshares generates a variety of jobs. The jobs could be executive positions, architects, sales staff members, construction workers, service employees, and more.

Local Economy is Improved

The local economy is improved when people are spending money in the community. This will generate taxes that will be returned to the local economy. Infrastructure will begin to improve along with local services. The income tax that comes from the people who are earning money working in the timeshare industry will extend to VAT. 

The Local Community Receives Promotion

Once a person purchases a timeshare membership they instantly feel like they belong to the community and they will start promoting the local community along with the destination to their family and friends. The community and destination profile will be raised to new visitors and tourists that are not just looking to purchase a timeshare membership.

Timeshare Owners Stay Longer

Timeshare owners tend to stay longer than they expected in a particular destination. Timeshare owners thus contribute more time and investment within the local community.

Higher Spending

A certain level of income is required for a person to qualify for a timeshare purchase. This income will need to be proven. The local community and destination will see the benefits from the higher income and higher spending ability as timeshare owners will spend their money on dining and restaurants, local services and attractions, and other items that they want to purchase.

Timeshare Doesn’t Compete with Traditional Hotels

Generally, hotels often serve guests that don’t visit their hotel more than once or twice. The people that return to a destination are staying at their timeshare and these are not the same types of people that the traditional hotels will target. The timeshare doesn’t compete with traditional hotels as the two complement instead of being in competition.

The Local Community Receives More Money

The timeshares that are being sold are not all an all-inclusive timeshare, but some of the timeshares do provide the all-inclusive option. The visitors to the timeshares will generally spend their money in the community at the local stores and restaurants.

Timeshare Adds Occupancy

Timeshares adds occupancy consistently, which will add revenue along with complementing the other areas of the tourism industry, which include travel agencies, restaurants, car rentals, and other trading options.

It is clear from the above that timeshare provides a positive impact on local communities.

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