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Timeshare Upgrades Can Resolve Usage Problems

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Timeshare Upgrades Can Resolve Usage Problems

Did you know that timeshare upgrades can resolve most usage problems? Getting the most from your timeshare membership is the topic of the discussion for this week. If you are having usage issues with your vacation club, then you should consider a timeshare upgrade. If you have recently purchased a timeshare membership, but you feel like you are not able to enjoy your timeshare, then your timeshare membership may be at a lower level, which is why timeshare upgrades can resolve usage problems.

Can’t use your Timeshare? – Is this a Scam? 

A common misconception that people have is that if you can’t use your timeshare, then it must be a scam. Right? Most of the complaints from genuine timeshare members (as opposed to fake complaints planted by timeshare cancellation companies) you may read on the internet about timeshare are usually focused on members believing their timeshare is a scam because they are not able to make a reservation for the dates and suites that they want. Usually the problem in these cases is not that the timeshare is a scam but that they have purchased the lowest level of membership, something that timeshare upgrades can solve.

Disadvantages of low level memberships

When you buy the lowest level of timeshare membership, you will put yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to reserving suites. Why? Because you are limited to using the most popular units at the resort. New timeshare members are also at a further disadvantage because in order to be able to book the most popular timeshare units, you will need to make your reservation as far in advance as possible (up to two years). When you first buy the lowest level membership, you will probably find that the suites you can afford are hard to reserve for the most popular dates. When you first buy your timeshare membership you should remember that you are starting out at a disadvantage. Other members have booked their vacation during the peak season in the type of unit that you have, which is why new timeshare members often believe that they have been scammed.

New members are at risk of being scammed by cancellation companies

When new members think they have been scammed rather than seek out advice from the timeshare company they become at risk of being scammed by cancellation companies. They will generally go to forums to complain, where they will receive a lot of advice from people working for timeshare cancellation companies. Be very vary! Timeshare cancellation companies will try to convince you that your membership is a scam rather than help you find the best way to make the most of it.

What is the answer to this problem? 

There are a number of solutions to timeshare usage problems, and a timeshare upgrade is just one of them.

  • First (and most recommended) piece of advice is to contact your timeshare company to discuss your membership options. While you might find the first year as a member you find it hard to make the reservation you want, it does become easier as you understand your membership better.
  • Bank your week or points from one year to use the following year. This will give you more points to stay in a larger suite, which are often less popular and easier to reserve. In your first year, you might opt to borrow from the following year to ensure you can get a suite.
  • Take any available booking for your timeshare and then swap the week through an exchange company like Interval International or the RCI. You might even decide to visit a different country.
  • Renting out your timeshare is another option you can consider too.

Timeshare upgrades

By far the best answer to this problem is to see if you can upgrade your membership, and if you can, then you will be able to have more flexibility, many choices, different units, and locations.

Things to remember about timeshare upgrades

Make sure that you are upgrading your current membership and that you are not purchasing a second timeshare membership that will go alongside your original timeshare membership. Any competitor timeshare company will not purchase your original timeshare membership, so don’t fall prey to this scam. You need an upgrade to your current timeshare membership. You don’t want to be paying for two timeshare memberships and maintenance fees.

Get the Best with your Timeshare Membership

You can get the best with your timeshare membership if you view it as an investment that will grow with your finances. When you are a member with a reputable company, then upgrading your timeshare membership is an excellent way to get the best from your timeshare. Just beware of cancellation companies and other timeshare companies claiming they will purchase your timeshare.

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Timeshare Upgrades Can Resolve Usage Problems
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