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Timeshare Scams – Top Signs you are Being Scammed

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You might believe it or you might not, but the majority of timeshare companies are professional and genuine. There are indeed many professional timeshare companies that provide good service that is a great deal for the money. Professional timeshare companies offer their members the chance to stay at only the best accommodations all around the world. The best timeshare companies will provide you with different vacation options and solutions, which will allow you to ‘own’ that second vacation home in another country, but you will not be responsible for any of the upkeep of a normal homeowner.

Despite the majority of timeshare companies being professional and reliable, there are still timeshare scams out there that you should look out for. If you are wanting to purchase a timeshare, then you should definitely read the top ten signs that you may be involved in a timeshare scam.

Timeshare Scams – Ten Top Signs you are Being Scammed:

Paying for Timeshare Gifts

Paying for Timeshare Gifts

If you have attended the timeshare presentation for the time that is required and you are then have to pay for the timeshare gifts, then you are probably dealing with a company scam. The reputable timeshare companies will never charge you for any gifts that you have been awarded for attending the required presentation. You don’t have to purchase the timeshare membership to get the timeshare gifts.

No Signed Contract

No Signed Contract

If you have handed over money for a timeshare and you handed over cash money, but you have not signed a contract, then you have probably been scammed.

The Old Bait and Switch Scam

The Old Bait and Switch Scam

Were you taken to a beautiful resort, then taken on a thorough tour and you considered purchasing a timeshare membership? When you decided to purchase the timeshare, the contract for the timeshare was for a totally different resort and location? This is the old bait and switch scam that is common for a timeshare scam.

Timeshare Office Switch

Timeshare Office Switch

One of the most common timeshare scams is once you have left the resort tour and you didn’t purchase the timeshare, but an agent contacts you a day or so later and offers the timeshare at a much cheaper price. You purchase the timeshare, and you sign the timeshare contract at another location other than the resort that you visited. This is the timeshare office switch scam.

Agents Providing Timeshare Cancellations

Agents Providing Timeshare Cancellations

Agents that claim they can cancel your timeshare membership is probably a scam, because the only time a timeshare can be cancelled is during the cooling off period, which is stated in your timeshare membership contract. The agent that says they can successfully cancel your timeshare membership is probably just another timeshare scam.

Timeshare Upgrades with Another Timeshare Provider

If you are contacted by a timeshare company that say they can upgrade your timeshare membership with a top timeshare competitor, then you may be dealing with a timeshare scam, because the only time you can upgrade or trade your timeshare membership is when you are in the cooling off period.

Purchasing Resales Online

There are legit timeshare resales that are available online, but you should always take precaution when purchasing online timeshare resales.

Upfront Fees for Services

You are never required to pay upfront fees if you are wanting to rent or sell your timeshare. If a company asks you for any upfront fees, then you should beware, because you are probably going to be scammed. You should consider a timeshare representative company that will only work on commissions if you want to rent your timeshare or sell your timeshare.

Unsolicited Phone Calls

If you receive phone calls from out of the blue that really persist on you selling your timeshare membership, then you are more than likely being contacted by a timeshare scam.

Sales Representative Taking You To a Different Resort

If you have met with a sales representative that is offering a timeshare membership with a popular hotel chain or 5-star resort and you agree to go on the tour and presentation, but the day arrives and the sales representative takes you to a different resort, then you may be dealing with a timeshare scam. You should first insist on going to the resort or hotel that you were first agreed upon, so you are not being scammed.

These are the top 10 timeshare scams and the top signs you are being scammed.

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