What to avoid when purchasing Timeshare in Mexico


To prevent timeshare scams, the authorities have come up with laws and guidelines to prevent consumers from being victimized. People should be aware of these illegal activities. As such, there are some things that you should avoid when you are buying timeshare in Mexico.


What to avoid when purchasing timeshare in Mexico

1) Don’t go to multiple presentations just for gifts

Never go to more than one timeshare presentation just for the free gifts that you can have. People who do this are called “strokers”. Guests who attend presentations are now scrutinized to find out if they are really interested in becoming a timeshare owner. If timeshare companies find out that you are a stroker, you could lose all the benefits and incentives that you were offered to attend the presentation, which in some cases could then cost you money.

2) Don’t lie about your finances

Honesty is needed if you plan to be a timeshare owner. Don’t make up stories and lies on how much money you really have. Timeshare sellers could sell you a unit that later on you will regret because of the simple reason that you can’t afford it.

3) Never sign your contract before reading it

Read your contract before signing it. There may be clauses that you might not fully understand, so ask questions. Learning everything makes you get the most from your contract.

4) Don’t purchase a timeshare from photos

Don’t buy a timeshare unless you have seen it for yourself personally. It might be bogus. You should be taken to the actual resort, which they are promoting and you’re willing to purchase.

5) Don’t say you have a credit card if you don’t have one

It will be such a shame when they ask for your credit card and you have nothing to show. Don’t say beforehand that you have one, just to qualify for the gift as all incentives will be made void fi you do not have a credit card.

6) Don’t cancel your presentation appointment

Failing to attend your scheduled presentation appointment will make you lose any discounts and benefits you were given to attend the presentation. It will be a big loss for you, because you will get it at its original price and of course, it will be much higher.

7) Avoid timeshare promoters who don’t have an official badge or id

If someone comes up to you in Mexico offering a timeshare, ask for an official identification that will affirm his or her connection with the company he’s supposedly working for. If he can’t show one, then simply refuse to attend the presentation.

8) Try not to buy the lowest value timeshare

If you can afford it, don’t buy the lowest timeshare and opt for a higher one instead. It has better benefits and you can make reservations easier. The cheaper timeshares are the most bought, there are lots of owners around. This will make the reservation a bit harder as the competition is huge.

9) Don’t let the timeshare promoter take you to another hotel

If you are taken to a different hotel than the one pitched to you by the promoter, this could be a scam that you should be wary of. When you attend a presentation in one resort and they take you to another resort after the first, then a scam may be brewing. Report to the original resort this situation. You might be of help in catching these unwanted scammers.


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