Timeshare Cancellation Shills and Scam

Timeshare Cancellation Shills and Scam
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Timeshare Cancellation Shills and Scam

The timeshare industry has its problem to deal with regarding internet trolls, shills and scams that proliferate widely these days. Reputable timeshare companies are put into a bad limelight by these paid hoodlums whose goal is to make money.  Many websites have put measures to avoid the entry of trolls and shills, but it’s really difficult to filter them out.  Respected websites like TripAdvisor have been constantly targeted by scammers so as to reach thousands of people.  Let’s discuss some modus employed against top timeshare companies usually coming from shills employed by timeshare cancellation companies.

How do timeshare cancellation shills and scams operate?

Firstly, let’s distinguish between internet trolls and shills. Internet trolls are those classified as fight-provoking people doing malicious acts just for the feel of it.  They give out comments that are offensive in the hope of getting a response back and creating a gloomy atmosphere.  In the case of shills, these are paid detractors who join in forums or are in search of highly visited websites or articles with an ill-motive in mind. In the timeshare industry, shills are often the works of timeshare cancellation companies.

How do timeshare cancellation shills damage reputations?

With timeshare companies as usual targets, timeshare cancellation shills do dramatic moves for them to earn a timeshare owner’s trust.  Sometimes issues do arise and these are brought up in forums or any website that opens its arms to timeshare owners wanting advice.  The ever frantic timeshare cancellation shills come into the scene and give hope to distraught timeshare owners that their timeshare cancellation company can help and weave their magic.

Most often timeshare cancellation shills act in duo; the first shill pretending to be a disgusted timeshare owner and is complaining against a very popular timeshare company, while the second shill will act as a representative of a do-all cancellation company.  The series of comment exchange puts so much damage to the timeshare company’s reputation, and with news like this leaking out, expect to have a wide following especially if the subject is a top timeshare entity.  Readers who are timeshare owners are made to believe that cancellation is possible but most often it’s not.

Here’s one clear example of a timeshare cancellation shill at work:

Complainer shill:

Please help, I think my Big Life Timeshare is a scam.  I want to cancel.  Is it possible? So much advice on line, I just don’t know what to think.

Solution shill:

I too have been in such similar situation, and the Timeshare Solutions Company helped me to cancel.  They canceled my timeshare ownership in amazing speed and without large fees.  They were a blessing.

What you see here is a classic example how timeshare cancellation shills poison the minds of timeshare owners. The first complainant can either be a genuine timeshare owner or a shill as a starter of malicious statements against a timeshare company.  The second actor is definitely a shill acting out as rescuer of a damsel in distress.  These are all a paid circus act with a goal of taking money from a distraught timeshare owner.  These shills will do everything to earn the trust of their victim and can include creating fake reviews and voicing out invented words to discredit a honest timeshare company.

Educate yourself as timeshare owners regarding timeshare cancellation shills.


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