Summer Rain Storms in Puerto Vallarta


Oh how time flies! Here we are already halfway through 2019. With the summer rain coming on strong in Puerto Vallarta, that means the summer rain storms are ready to make their appearance as well. While many travellers don’t love rain during their vacations, there are many benefits to the rainy season in PV. The truth is the summer rains provide much needed relief to the area’s vegetation that has been dry for many months. Soon you can expect lush jungle and rolling green hills that are part of what everyone loves so much about Puerto Vallarta. Read more below to learn why the summer rain storms in PV have a lot to offer residents and visitors as well. 

The Benefits of Summer and Rain in Puerto Vallarta

Refreshed Vegetation

One of the best parts about the summer rains in Puerto Vallarta is how it refreshes and renews the area’s local vegetation. The regional plants have remained in a somewhat dormant mode during the dry months.  Thanks to the rainy season,Puerto Vallarta will once again become much greener and lush. Want to see the beauty of the area’s vegetation up close for yourself? You can enjoy the area’s beautiful greenery by going hiking on one of the local hiking paths. El Salto Waterfall and a swimming hole is not too far from downtown PV and is an ideal spot for a refreshing summer dip. What a great place to appreciate the natural beauty of the region and enjoy an adventurous day in paradise. The strong summer rains in Puerto Vallarta bring the majestic greenery and local flora back to life once again.  

Impressive Lightning Storms 

Did you know that Puerto Vallarta is home to some of the country’s most stunning thunder and lightning storms? There isn’t anything quite like the impressive display of lightning when it dances across the Banderas Bay at night.  You will be mesmerized by the amazing performance thanks to good old Mother Nature.  Wondering where you should go watch the big event once the storms start? Head to one of the beachfront restaurants where you can watch the lightning and thunderstorms such as Blanca Blue restaurant at Garza Blanca Resort which is located just a few minutes south of downtown Puerto Vallarta. Sit back and savor a gourmet meal while you watch the lightning show on the Banderas Bay waters below. Don’t forget to bring your camera because a summer storm in Puerto Vallarta isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Less Crowds During Low Season

Another advantage to the rainy season is that summer is also low season in terms of tourism.   The peak tourism season occurs during the winter months, especially from November through February. On the flip side, during the rainy summer season there will be less tourists around which means less crowds and shorter lines anywhere you go.  Puerto Vallarta takes on a more laid back feel during the summer rainy season, which many people can appreciate. However, some local businesses and restaurants close for several weeks during the summer to enjoy a much needed break. Don’t worry as there will still be plenty of places open for tourists to visit during the summer rainy season in Puerto Vallarta.

As you can tell from the weather forecast, summer and rain in Puerto Vallarta are here. Banderas Bay will soon be refreshed and renewed and everything will be green and lush. Make sure to watch the impressive thunder and lightning storms as well. We hope you can make the most of the summer rain in Puerto Vallarta, and who knows you may end up enjoying it more than you thought you would.


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