Spring Equinox at Cancun’s Chichen Itza

Spring Equinox at Cancun’s Chichen Itza
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Chichen Itza was designated in 2001 as one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World”. Chichen Itza is an incredibly amazing archeological site that is only a couple of hours away from Cancun, Mexico. The Spring Equinox occurs every year, which is when the setting sun angle creates a spectacular shadow that looks like a snake against the backdrop of the ruins. It is something that everyone should see at least once in their lives. This year on March 20th, 2019, will you be vacationing in Cancun, Mexico? If so, then you should start making plans to see the Spring Equinox at Cancun’s Chichen Itza. Continue to read on if you want to learn why visiting these mysterious ruins is a Cancun activity that you don’t want to miss.

Spring Equinox at Cancun’s Chichen Itza

Did you know that Chichen Itza is an UNESCO World Heritage site? This unbelievable spot is completely surrounded by the Yucatan Peninsula’s lush jungle. Chichen Itza was named as a vital Mayan capital city by historians during the Classic Period. The Chichen Itza is one of the largest archeological cities that has original structures on the Yucatan Peninsula. The Chichen Itza are magical Mayan ruins, and visitors will not want to miss exploring it. It happens to be a very popular tourist location as well. Spending a day at this magical place allows visitors to step back in time and see how the Mayans everyday life really was.

Landmarks at Chichen Itza

The Temple of Kukulcan or also known as El Castillo is the largest pyramid that is located in the center of Chichen Itza. This pyramid has huge steps and it can be seen from nearly anywhere in the ruins site. The old city was 6.5 square km and existed from 600 A.D. up into the thirteenth century. Visitors today are still enjoying all the stone carvings that have survived after so many years. Some of the landmarks of Chichen Itza are the Wall of the Skulls, the ball field, and the Temple of the Warriors. Sunscreen and a hat are a must when you are visiting the ruins because the weather is typically quite warm and sunny. There is a lights and sound show that accent all of the stone buildings that occurs in the evening, and you won’t want to miss this fantastic and breathtaking night show.

Exploring or Go on a Tour

There are many tour operators that take groups to the Chichen Itza daily. Most of the tour operators leave in the morning from Cancun, then they will bring you back in the evening which allows you and your family to spend a full day exploring the ruins. The tours have air conditioning vehicles for transport, and you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the ruins from the tour guide. However, if you would like to make your own arrangements you can do that and you can also take public transportation as well. When you arrive at the Chichen Itza ruins, you can start exploring. It is hard to believe that this was once the largest empire of the Mayans in Central America.

Visiting Chichen Itza is a must do activity when you are vacationing in Cancun. The Spring Equinox at Cancun’s Chichen Itza occurs on March 20th is an amazing thing to see. Are you ready to explore the ancient ruins in Cancun, Mexico? The next time you are on vacation in Cancun, you should make sure you visit the Chichen Itza so you can take in all the history that still lives on today.


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