Timeshare Scams: How to Safely Upgrade Your Membership

Timeshare Scams: How to Safely Upgrade Your Membership

Timeshare Scams: How to Safely Upgrade Your Membership

Have you recently bought a timeshare membership with the Villa Group and you would like to know more information on how to make your investment the best it can be? First, it depends on the level of membership that you have with your timeshare. You can upgrade the membership level and receive added benefits such as added flexibility and added services that will make your vacations even better. Read below to learn about timeshare scams and how to safely upgrade your membership.

Levels of Timeshare Memberships

With each timeshare provider, there are different levels of memberships. If you have noticed that some owners are making complaints about booking their time for their vacations, then this may not be the timeshare provider’s fault as it could be the level of membership that the new owners bought. Members that have the lowest level of vacation ownership may have a harder time booking the better units and the most sought out days as these are the most popular for other owners. If you are able to book your vacations way in advance, then you may be able to obtain these sought after units and dates. Timeshare members should never think about canceling their timeshare because of difficulty in scheduling their vacations. Members should first think about making a membership level upgrade, which will provide the added flexibility that you want and need to make the most of your investment.

Recent Timeshare Member Owners

Are you a recent timeshare member owner? Are you finding it hard to schedule your first vacation? New timeshare members should know that the popular units and dates are probably booked for the rest of the year and probably into the new year, too. Don’t let this frighten you or make you think that you a timeshare scam victim. One of the best ways that you can schedule your vacations is to always plan in advance. New members should never listen to any timeshare cancellation company that tries to convince you that they can cancel your new membership, because they are legally unable and it is most likely a timeshare scam. Timeshare cancellation companies and all third party companies that are not associated with your existing company will only charge you a large upfront fee, but they will never solve any of your vacation ownership problems. Any new owners that are having any problems should immediately contact their existing company and talk to them personally. You may also want to think about a membership upgrade too as this is a great way to schedule the popular units and dates that you would like for your vacations. Avoid becoming a timeshare scam victim!

Timeshare Upgrades-Timeshare Scams-How to Safely Upgrade Your Membership

If you would like to make the most with your timeshare membership and vacation investment, then you should consider an upgrade. A timeshare upgrade will allow you much more flexibility with your vacation ownership provider and membership. You should talk with your existing provider to see what upgrades that they can offer you. One thing you should avoid is going to another sales presentation with a different timeshare provider as this is not the upgrade you are wanting. Many timeshare scam victims ended up purchasing a second membership instead of a simple upgrade that you will legally have to pay for. New timeshare members have made this mistake in the past. Talking to your existing provider about upgrades that will make your timeshare membership better, and many providers also provide a point system for their members that allow their members to store all the points that they acquire and use them later. Some timeshare providers will even allow their members to borrow points from future years so their members can use the points for added services and to make their vacation even better. Timeshare members should consider making an upgrade with their membership to a higher level so you have added options and services for all of your vacations.

In conclusion, timeshare members should consider an upgrade with their existing provider so they can have the best vacations possible. Members should avoid all third party timeshare providers and companies that offer a cancellation service. These providers and companies are more than likely a timeshare scam that only wants your money. You definitely don’t want to end up a timeshare scam victim with an unwanted second membership that you will have to pay for. Always talk to your existing provider when you have any issues or you would like an upgrade. Beware of all timeshare scams. You can safely upgrade your membership with your current provider.


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