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Honeymoons: Is it worth it to Fly First Class?

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Now that the wedding ceremony is over, it’s time to indulge in that perfect honeymoon experience.  You may be thinking of a tropical holiday or a mountain ski resort, but how do you go about getting to your destination.  Many honeymooners want to mark their special occasion by riding first class, but the question arises whether to fly first class is really worth it.

Take a look at the points to consider below:

1. Consider the Distance of your Destination

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Maximize the comfort of flying first class by choosing destinations that are long haul.  If your destination is reachable within a few hours, then don’t spend out on such a short lived, first class flight.  You might even fall asleep and find yourself in a blink of an eye, ready to exit in the plane’s door.  The benefit of first class flights come when you are flying for long periods and when you may wish to get a full night’s sleep. Otherwise, don’t bother and spend the money on treating yourselves.

2. The Top Airlines Offer the Best  First Class Rides

What airline you choose will have a big bearing on the level of your first class experience. The world’s top airlines are more likely to provide the kind of service you are expecting of a first class flight; when they say “first class,” they really mean luxury beyond compare.  There are many airlines today that don’t give much importance to luxurious traveling as they target mass transit.  It is then important to choose a reputable airline that can give you total satisfaction that equates to the amount you have paid. Do a little research.

3.  The Price Really Matters

First class flights are priced like gold, so think first before deciding on it.  The difference in price ranges from about $500- $1,500, a huge amount of money for those who don’t have much in their bank accounts.  Instead of spending on 5 hours of first class luxury, why not put the money to better use, like upgrading your suite to a honeymoon suite, enjoy a hot air balloon ride for two and admire the surrounding valleys and mountains.  Buy your spouse a special treat, like a designer item, an expensive pair of shoes or earrings.  The savings can turn your honeymoon into the most unforgettable one by thinking of creative ways of spending it.

4.  Go for the Most Modern Plane

When flying first class, ask about the types of plane that the airline has on its fleet.  You can visit their website or ask any airline representative and have a glimpse of how it looks.  The newer and more modern the plane is, the more capable it will be of giving you a first class flying experience.  You can enjoy the best amenities, the softest seat and a more spacious cabins.

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