What to Expect at a Timeshare Presentation in Cancun


Timeshare and residence clubs are very popular in Cancun thanks to the Caribbean destination’s diverse attractions, amazing surroundings and great selection of resorts offering fractional vacation ownership.

Upon arrival to Cancun, you will be offered plenty of opportunities to buy a timeshare or join a luxury vacation club from a number of reputable companies such as Villa del Palmar. The majority of timeshare presentations in Cancun follow a similar formula, so let’s uncover what you can expect from a timeshare presentation in Cancun.

Any good timeshare resort or residence club in Cancun will be confident that their resort will speak for itself, which is why the presentations are held on the site of the hotel or resort where the units are on sale. You should beware any Cancun presentations that do not take place in the resort itself.

Once you arrive to the Cancun resort, you will be given a little time to get a feel for the place, maybe over breakfast or refreshments, after which you will be seated for a formal presentation given by a senior member of the executive team. This presentation will set out the timeshare company’s vision and the resort’s facilities. At this point you can expect to see videos, PowerPoints and other promotional materials about the resort and Cancun. You will probably have a good idea at this point if the product is something you might consider buying or not.

After the formal presentation you will sit with a seller who will assess your future vacation needs and suggest the best options for you and your finances. You will be shown floor plans of the individual units listing all the facilities and amenities as well as photographs of the accommodations you may wish to buy in Cancun. If you know at this point that you definitely do not want to buy a timeshare or join a residence club in Cancun, then this is a good time to say something to the seller, even though you will still need to see the presentation and tour through to the end.

While you are sat with the seller, you should ask all the questions you feel are necessary and make a note of the answers you receive. From there you will be taken on a tour of the resort and to see the units for sale. Again, if you have any questions, make a note of them to ask the seller when you return to sign the contract.

Seeing the units and taking the tour is usually all that is needed to make you fall in love with the idea of owning your own slice of Cancun paradise and then you will be expected to sign the contract. Make sure that you read the timeshare contract carefully as you will not be able to change things after you have signed. Owning a timeshare in Cancun is a pleasure and an affordable luxury for many, just make sure that your purchase is within your means.


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