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Coming Soon – Blacklist for Timeshare Companies

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Coming Soon - Blacklist for Timeshare Companies

Throughout the year, we hope to share a “blacklist” of fraudulent timeshare companies and cancellation “service” providers to ensure that our readers can stay safe when it comes to their timeshares. All of the companies on this list will be those which have misled or down-right scammed people

Coming Soon  – Blacklisted timeshare companies

The kinds of activities which will land a company a spot on this list are things like; resale scams, cancellation scams, fake rental services, and of course fake providers too.

Timeshare cancellation companies on our Blacklist

Cancellation scammers are the easiest to identify to the blacklist; if a company or individual claims to be able to cancel your timeshare for you they are a scammer. We know this because of the rescission periods in place. In short; if you are within the cooling or recission period they are charging for something you do not need them to do, and if you are out with this period they are charging for something they cannot do.

Fake rental services on our Blacklist

Timeshare companies often offer rental services to those who own units with them, but if a company features on our list for this reason you can be sure that it’s because they’re taking people’s money and never following through either for those renting, or those renting out their properties.

Bogus resale offers

Resale scams can work both ways; on one hand you’ll find that there are companies who claim to have a buyer in the wings for timeshares and charge “finders fees” or “introductory fees” before disappearing when the buyer never comes through. On the other hand there are those who will sell on timeshares that are either expired, laden with debt, or entirely fake. In either case they leave their victims short of cash and without the service or outcome they were actually looking for.

If you have your own story to tell about fraudulent timeshare providers to add to our blacklist, let us know in the comments below.

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