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Your Summer Vacation to Mexico

Looking to de-stress this summer? Well look no further because a dream getaway to Mexico for a summer vacation this year is well within your reach! Close Proximity / Less Travel Time for your Summer Vacation Mexico is very close to the United States and Canada, making for shorter and less stressful travel times for […]

Various Timeshare Ownership Options

Many people think all timeshare ownership options are all the same, but this is not the case. There are a variety of timeshare options available on the market, and each vacation ownership option has its own unique set of provisions and restrictions. For those who desire to gain insight about the different types of timeshare […]

www.premiumvacationsonline.com 1-855-283-2170

After popular demand from my clients and online followers, I’ve decided to do a series of reviews for online vacation agents. There seems to be some confusion about the validity of certain web based travel agents and telesales companies offering cheap vacations. Today’s blog post is dedicated to www.premiumvacationsonline.com 1-855-283-2170. www.premiumvacationsonline.com 1-855-283-2170 Take a look […]

Top Packing Tips for Mexico

Vacationing in Mexico is a pretty stress free thing to do. So deciding what to pack should be just as easy, right? Well most of Mexico’s beach destinations, like Cabo san Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, are pretty westernized with supermarkets that you’ll recognize like Wal-Mart. So, if you forget your toothbrush or beach towel, you’ll […]

Vacation Members 18003457439

Keep an ear on alert for the phone ringing this year; you won’t want to miss a call from Vacation Members 18003457439! You could be in line for a great deal on the vacation of a lifetime in wonderful Mexico! Who are VacationMembers.com? Vacation Members.com are a top online leisure and travel company that offer […]

Save N Vacations Scam

Luckily these days, most people are very savvy about scams, especially related to handing over large chunks of money, as is the case for vacations. Recently, I have received a couple of emails and a number of comments about Save N Vacations scams, some of which ask me how legitimate Save N Vacations really is […]

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