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Now that summer is just around the corner you should be aware of any summer scams as this is a popular time that tourists get scammed. Maybe, it is because tourists are enjoying their vacation with happy feelings and the warm, beautiful weather puts everyone in a good mood. When you are going to be traveling to a place that you are not familiar with, then you can be involved in a scam. Always have your guard up, and beware of summer scams.

 Beware of Summer Scams – Look Below at Common Summer Scams

 Beware of Summer Scams – Look Below at Common Summer Scams

Free Internet Wi-Fi Scams: Whenever you go on vacation you are always happy to know that you may have access to free internet Wi-Fi. Many times in restaurants, boutiques, shops, and some of the public spaces offer free internet Wi-Fi, but you should beware of this summer scam, because the free internet Wi-Fi may not be secure. You may use the free internet Wi-Fi, but find that it is an insecure network that allows the scammers to gain access to your online banking, credit card information, and email accounts. Beware of using free internet Wi-Fi.

Summer Scams on rentals: Summer scams on rentals are common scams that you should beware of. You suddenly have the opportunity to take a vacation during the summer, so you start searching your paper and online classified ads and fortunately you find a summer vacation rental. You are excited, so you send the owner a wire transfer, because this is an individual that is renting the property and the owner doesn’t accept any other forms of payment. Finally, your vacation comes and you arrive to the vacation property. Nobody meets you and someone else is inhabiting the property and it is the owner of the property, but not the owner that rented you the summer vacation property, or maybe you arrive to a house that is a derelict property or it is just a vacant lot. You have been scammed with a summer vacation rental scam.

Late Night Take Away Scams: The late night take away scam is a scam that occurs during the late night hours. You have arrived to your summer vacation destination, and you arrive late at night. You see a flyer that was pushed under the door or maybe you were handed a flyer during your route to your vacation destination. You are thrilled, because you are hungry and tired, so you call the restaurant. You order the food that you want, but they inform you that they don’t accept cash payments, so you give your credit card numbers and information during the call. You call the restaurant back after you have waited for a long time, but nobody answers your call. You have been scammed with the late night take away scam and now the scammers have had enough time to use your credit card and racked up a lot of expensive purchases.

Drop, Switch, and Payment Scams: The drop, switch, and payment scam is another summer scam that you should beware of that never seems to go out of fashion. This involves a shop attendant and/or taxi driver. They will take your cash payment, then switch it to a smaller bill, so you will pay again. They will tell you that you didn’t pay enough money, so you pay again or they will give you change for your payment and the change is a lot less than what you should be paid. You can avoid this summer scam by vocally telling them what you are paying them.

Reception and Check-in Scam: The front desk check in scam is another scam that occurs late at night, so you must beware. You arrive to the hotel or motel and go through the check-in procedures. You arrive in your room and a little bit later while you are brushing your teeth to go to bed the phone rings. It is someone claiming to be from the front desk. They tell you that your credit card was denied and they want you to go over the credit card numbers and information, so they can try it again, which you do. You are tired, so you don’t think about it until maybe the next day or you may not even acknowledge it until your vacation is over, then you find out that you have been involved in the front desk check-in scam and thousands of dollars have been charged to your credit card.

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