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Best Puerto Vallarta Boat Tours

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If you are heading to Puerto Vallarta for your vacation, then you will be happy to hear that the best boat tours are offered right here in Puerto Vallarta. There are many types of Puerto Vallarta boat tours provided and you can choose from a day or night cruise. If you would love to go to a hidden beach or just adore the beautiful coastline in Puerto Vallarta, then the perfect way to do this is by going on a boat tour.

Pirate Ship Puerto Vallarta

What can you expect on Puerto Vallarta boat tours?

First, it depends on the boat cruise that you select, as there can be anything from live music to dancing to snorkeling to swimming to kayaking to open bar to delicious foods. If your vacation to Puerto Vallarta is coming soon, then you can book a Puerto Vallarta boat tour online or ask your hotel to book one for you. Look below for some of the top boat tours in Puerto Vallarta.

Marigalante Puerto Vallarta Boat Tour

Do you love pirates? If you do, then the Marigalante Puerto Vallarta boat tour is the perfect cruise excursion for you. This boat cruise is on a real pirate ship with the nighttime Pirates of the Bay show being more geared toward adults while the day excursion more family oriented (although children are welcome on both cruise).  The boat cruises put on a pirate show that includes pirates fighting, dancing, music, singing, and much more. You might even get asked to join in, because the pirates like to get the audience involved with the show. The day cruise also offers swimming, snorkeling, dancing, and all sorts of games, even getting the whole family involved in finding buried treasure on a beautiful beach. This is a great Puerto Vallarta boat tour for adults or the entire family.

Rhythms of the Night Boat Cruise

If you are looking for romance, then the Rhythms of the Night boat tour is perfect. This Puerto Vallarta cruise will take you down the coast to the private cove of the Las Caletas beach. When you arrive you will be escorted to the outdoor amphitheater following the sound of beating drums to watch modern dance and music telling the story of Mexico’s ancient people. The night will end with a candlelit dinner awaiting for you under the moonlight and stars. This is the perfect cruise for couples, because it is magical and romantic but is also a very special tour for families and groups of friends.

Las Marietas Islands Tour

This Puerto Vallarta boat tour will take you to Las Marietas Islands to explore their hidden beach, snorkel and have a fun day out. The Marietas Islands were formed thousands of years ago by a volcanic eruptions and has an unusual feature right in the center – the hidden beach. Curiously, the hidden beach was formed by an explosion from bomb testing in the 60s. This boat tour is a day cruise where you will enjoy water sports, live entertainment along with a delicious lunch and a bar. While you are cruising on this Puerto Vallarta boat tour, you may encounter whales and dolphins swimming beside the boat. When you get to the beach, then you can swim through a cave where you will arrive at the hidden beach that provides you with crystal, clear waters. If you enjoy snorkeling, then professional guides will show you where to find the best snorkeling spots. This is an excellent boat tour for fun and adventure.

Las Animas Boat Cruise

This boat cruise has been a favorite in Puerto Vallarta for many years. The tour starts off by taking you to the Los Arcos National Park where you will anchor next to the impressive rock formations while those who choose to snorkel take time to explore the underwater national park. The boat cruise has an open bar and live music, with many people choosing to dance too. Snorkeling is a must at the underwater national park, where you will see all types of marine life. and our instructors will help you with your life vest and snorkel to The Puerto Vallarta boat tour continues on to the Las Animas beach where lunch will be served, and you can play volleyball, go kayaking or swimming. You can also take pictures of the beautiful scenery located here. When the boat tour heads back to Puerto Vallarta you will get to sing and dance and do karaoke. The party doesn’t stop.

Princess Sunset Cruise

This boat tour is perfect for couples. It is an evening tour that is about two and a half hours long. The tour will take you around the bay at night where you will see spectacular views. The sun setting over the bay is breathtaking. There is an open bar and snacks provided for all guests. If you had ever wanted to party on the ocean and have amazing views, then this is the perfect Puerto Vallarta boat tour for you.

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