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Arguments for Writing a Hotel Review

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Arguments for Writing a Hotel Review

We’ve all had this experience: planning for a vacation in the near future and we cannot seem to find any reviews of the hotel which we have found so enticing; it’s stressful and frustrating, but all too common. While looking at a hotel website can give you a basic overview of what a hotel offers in terms of amenities, it cannot give you the same behind-the-scenes information that the review of a previous customer can.

This is why you should always try to leave a review when you stay at a hotel; you can make sure that those who stay after you always have some extra information to help them along the way. Of course, there are plenty of other arguments for writing a hotel review after you stay at a resort or hotel. Read on…

Recognize Great Staff Members

When you have a good experience with a specific member (or members) of staff you can make sure they get the credit that they’re due by writing a hotel review and mentioning what they did for you. When staff members get mentions in a glowing review or two they can get bonuses, a raise, or even promotions. So you see, writing a hotel review can make a difference in a very real way!

Help Guide Other Potential Guests

Honest feedback about your stay is one of the most valuable things you can give to your fellow travelers and, indeed, to hardworking hoteliers! After staying somewhere you will have knowledge of all those little details that many people would like to know before they book. Is there a trick to the aircon, for example, and what are the menu specialties to try (or avoid).

Keep Search Engines Honest

When you post a genuine review you are helping to keep the internet honest; by giving the smaller hotels their say you can ensure that the big marketing campaigns don’t swallow everything else up! Better still people can be secure in the knowledge that they’re hearing from real customers writing a hotel review that is genuine.

Be Mindful of Criticism

Criticism is as much a part of writing a hotel review as praise, but you must remember to always be objective and honest about the experience. First and foremost you should raise complaints with the hotel or resort management; if this doesn’t work, or you get a bad response you should absolutely detail this in your review. When detailing a complaint in a review be sure to give a coherent and concise sum-up of the problem and the response you received from the hotel or resort as this will really benefit any readers.

So, what would you say when writing a hotel review about your last stay in a hotel?

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