Advantages & Disadvantages of Timeshares

Advantages & Disadvantages of Timeshares
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Timeshares

Are you considering buying a Mexico timeshare, but you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of timeshares? As with any purchase, there are pros and cons to buying a Mexico timeshare, and it is a wonderful idea that you know what all of the advantages and disadvantages of timeshares before you decide to purchase. We have provided the top advantages and disadvantages of timeshares in Mexico below, and they will assist you in determining if a Mexico timeshare is a great investment for you and your family.

Timeshare: Low Maintenance

If you plan on vacationing in Mexico a week or two each year, then a timeshare is an excellent choice over buying a regular vacation home. If you buy a regular stand-alone vacation home in Mexico it won’t be used very often, but you will still have to pay for all the maintenance and repairs year-round. If you buy a Mexico timeshare, then will only be paying for the actual time that you use the timeshare, which is why a timeshare is an affordable option for buyers. There are maintenance fees with a timeshare, but they are divided between each of the timeshare members and everyone will pay the same fee so there is no large maintenance fees that will overwhelm you.

Guaranteed Vacation Destination

Another advantage to being a Mexican timeshare owner is each and every year you will have a vacation destination guaranteed. Everyday life can make people skip their vacations, but when you are a Mexican timeshare owner your vacations are planned ahead of time and this will ensure that you and your family can enjoy a wonderful vacation together. If the timeshare that you purchased is with a timeshare group, then you can enjoy vacations at other destinations in Mexico, too. For example, the Villa Group Timeshare Resorts have resort properties in other sought out destinations, which include Loreto, Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun. If you are a timeshare member with the Villa Group, then you can travel and vacation at these other resorts where you can enjoy other top beaches, too.

Create Lasting Vacation Memories with Family and Friends

Will you be sharing your Mexico timeshare with your family members or friends? Perhaps you want your vacation experience to be spent with someone you haven’t met yet? Usually, you have the option of sharing your timeshare with others and some even allow you to use it for a charity auction prize, but it will actually depend on the timeshare company’s rules and regulations. You may also have the ability to rent out your timeshare time if you are unable to use it that year, but you will need to look over your timeshare contract to make sure you can do that. If you can do that, then this would provide you with additional money for your timeshare vacation. 

Are There Downsides to Timeshares?

There are disadvantages with a Mexican timeshare too that you should think about. The maintenance fees could increase annually with a Mexican timeshare. Usually the maintenance fees are quite affordable, but the maintenance fees will have to be paid even if you don’t use the property. If you decide that you don’t want to keep your Mexican timeshare later, you should know that the timeshare are generally not easy to sell. Used Mexican timeshares are sold at a discounted price especially compared to a new timeshare unit. You may lose money if you sell your Mexican timeshare, and you will not be able to claim a capital loss with the IRS on your personal taxes as you could if you had purchased a traditional real estate property. However, when you look at all the benefits of having a timeshare membership, you can see that they greatly outweigh any downsides.

In conclusion, you have just seen the advantages & disadvantages of timeshares in Mexico. Is purchasing a Mexico timeshare worth the investment?


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