2019 Villa del Palmar Cancun Timeshare Scams to Steer Clear Of

2019 Villa del Palmar Cancun Timeshare Scams to Steer Clear Of
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Do you think you are a smart and experienced traveler? Is spending quality time with your loved ones, jetting away to a tropical location, and enjoying tasty meals together the best thing you enjoy doing in your down time? If so, then you might have been thinking about becoming a vacation club member, which is also known as timeshares or vacation club programs. You can become a vacation club member and invest in your future vacations at an award-winning, world-class resort, but the best part is you will be paying for these amazing vacations at the rates that they are currently at today. Are you worried about timeshare scams? You don’t have to worry about this happening to you if you only purchase your membership with a reputable company. For instance, the majority of these negative and fraudulent situations are nearly null and void with Villa del Palmar Cancun. They thrive on providing all of their members with only the best vacations at their award-winning resort. Read below to learn how you can become a valued vacation club member and enjoy amazing vacations at Villa del Palmar Cancun without becoming a timeshare scam victim.

Protect Yourself from Becoming a Timeshare Victim

In previous years, most of the timeshare scams would only happen with fraudulent companies made up an investment that never existed. They would show interesting marketing materials to prospective buyers, and use their smooth-talking skills to convince innocent people to fork out their money for a vacation club that never even existed. These days, fraudsters use much more creative ways to scam people. Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare scams are rarely ever connected to this legitimate company, but sometimes outside fraudulent companies use their respected name in order to earn the trust from their next victims. These fraudulent companies will even contact Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare members and tell them that they can sell their existing plan or cancel their membership, but this is when the problem begins, because they are legally unable to do that.

Top 3 2019 Villa del Palmar Cancun Timeshare Scams to Steer Clear Of:

Timeshare Scam #1:

The number one timeshare scam to avoid is to make sure that you are actually working with the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort directly. Never deal with any third-party outside fraudsters. Simply ask the sales rep to see their identification. Did the sales rep take you on a tour of the resort property, but then quickly take you offsite to sign the paperwork? This is a major red flag! You are putting yourself at risk of a Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare scam, because no legitimate employee will ever take you offsite to sign paperwork.

Timeshare Scam #2:

The second timeshare scam to avoid is always refrain any deals with canceling your existing membership. It is legally possible to cancel your timeshare, but only during your cooling off period or rescission period which happens in the few days after you have signed your contract. Once the cooling off period has passed, then you cannot cancel your membership. Any company that promises you that they can cancel your membership even if the cooling off period has expired is trying to involve you in a Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare scam so beware! If you think about it, why would you or any other timeshare member want to cancel their membership with Villa del Palmar Cancun because they provide their members with top accommodations, services and incredible amenities all at a price that you can afford. Sounds like a great vacation club to me!

Timeshare Scam #3:

Lastly, this third timeshare scam that is similar to the cancellation scam is related to resales. This scam occurs when an outside party tells you that they have an interested buyer that wants to buy your current vacation club membership. Sadly, this has happened to several existing members as the fraudsters collected an upfront fee, then quickly disappeared with their money. You should remember to only work with Villa del Palmar Cancun if you are wanting to resell your timeshare membership. Anyone else claiming they can do that for you is probably trying to scam you.

In conclusion, you have just read the top 2019 Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare scams to steer clear of. If you follow the advice from above, then you can stay safe from becoming another unsuspecting victim.


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