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Top 3 Vacation Clubs in Mexico in 2019

Top 3 Vacation Clubs in Mexico in 2019

Who doesn’t love getting away for a fun and relaxing vacation in the warm Mexican sun? Mexico has long been a top tourist destination for Americans, Canadians and other visitors that enjoy the slower pace of life, great culture and beautiful scenery that Mexico provides. It is hard to find a better spot to enjoy your getaways than a vacation in Mexico. When you do the math, it makes sense to sign up for a Vacation Club so you can be assured of consistently great vacations at quality resorts. No one wants to have their vacation ruined by a lackluster resort with disappointing or subpar amenities? Want to find the best vacation clubs in Mexico? Keep reading as we have listed our top three Mexican clubs for value and quality.

#1 Garza Blanca Residence Club

One of the top 3 vacation clubs in Mexico is the Garza Blanca Residence Club by Tafer Hotels & Resorts. Garza Blanca is world class resort that offers its members the chance to vacation like royalty each and every visit. The primary resort is located south of beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in an ideally situated property that offers a blend of ocean and jungle views that are out of this world. Members of the Garza Blanca Residence Club rave about the luxurious accommodations and professional service they receive. Currently, Garza Blanca residence club members can vacation not only in Puerto Vallarta, but in Cancun as well as their sister property called Villa del Palmar Cancun. Prefer to travel on the east coast of Mexico or love the desert beauty of the Baja California peninsula? If so, you will be pleased to know that construction is underway in both Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Maya. Garza Blanca residence club members also enjoy full access to the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa when in Puerto Vallarta. Want to make your vacation even more special? Garza Blanca residence club members can apply their timeshare points to upgrade their vacation for a getaway at the exclusive, adults only 5 Diamond resort of Hotel Mousai. Hotel Mousai is also located on the Garza Blanca Preserve grounds so you can count on the incredible Banderas Bay views and perfect weather that Puerto Vallarta is known for.

#2 Villa Group Vacation Club

Looking to learn more about another one of the top vacation clubs in all of Mexico? If so, look no further than the esteemed and award winning Villa Group vacation club.  Also recognized as Villa Preferred Access, the Villa Group family of resorts is one of the most affordable, high quality vacation clubs in all of Mexico. The Villa Group has been awarded and recognized many times for its outstanding performance and commitment to quality vacation experiences. The Villa Group holds the AAA 4 Diamond award as well as many other awards such as TripAdvisors Certificate for Excellence, Conde Nast Reader’s Choice Award, and the World Travel Award Winner among others.  This premiere vacation club offers its members the ability to vacation at any of nine outstanding resorts that are spread throughout Mexico in the best beach destinations. Each of the Villa Group resorts have their own unique qualities to mix up vacations and keep things fun. They also offer optional all-inclusive packages so you can tailor your vacation to suit your specific needs whether you are traveling alone, with your partner, or the whole family is along for the ride. Currently, Villa Group vacation club members enjoy vacations at the following locations including Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta, and Riviera Nayarit.

#3 Club Caribe Vacation Club

The last of our top 3 vacation clubs in Mexico is Club Caribe. Club Caribe vacation club is also part of Tafer Hotels & Resorts family so timeshare members also enjoy access to the Garza Blanca Preserve resort in addition to Club Caribe. To make the pot event sweeter, Club Caribe vacation club members also can upgrade to stay at Hotel Mousai by using their timeshare membership vacation club points based on availability.  The Villa del Palmar Cancun Beach Resort & Spa is the primary resort for the Club Caribe vacation club membership which is a 5-Star resort that delivers on fabulous Caribbean Sea views. An added benefit of a Club Caribe vacation club membership is that members may also opt to stay at any of the Villa Group Vacation Club resorts, too. What a wonderful way to have access to the best resorts in all of Mexico, all in one vacation membership plan? Certainly sounds like a smart and quality vacation solution to me! We hope you consider joining one of these top 3 vacation clubs in Mexico.  Membership with these world class resort providers is the vacation solution you are looking for to enjoy consistently quality and pleasurable vacations. Are you ready to start planning your next Mexican getaway?

Fun Day Trips from Puerto Vallarta

Fun Day Trips from Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has an endless amount of activities and things to do for locals and visitors alike. However, there are several interesting towns and places to visit that are good day trips if you want to get out of town. You can rent a car or take public transportation via bus or taxi/uber to visit these cool towns. Whether you’re in the mood for beach or mountains, here are some top choices you should check out if you’re in the mood for a day trip from PV.


One of the best small towns you can easily visit in a day from Puerto Vallarta is Sayulita. It’s laid back vibe and hippie feel will appeal to those looking for a relaxed, carefree day away. Parking is sometimes difficult in this small town, but once you find a spot you can walk the town on foot as everything is only a 5-10 minute walk away. The center plaza is surrounded by restaurants and artisans selling their fares, and the colorful papel picado. is a beautiful backdrop to the wide array of shops and restaurants in town. If you’re in the mood for a delicious breakfast, Chocobanana just off the main plaza is a local favorite. If you want to swim, walk past Villa Amor Hotel and check out Playa Los Muertos just past the local graveyard. There are no restaurants, but locals are sometimes around to sell you a cold beer or coconut water to quench your thirst. If you end up staying through the evening, check out Tacos Ivan for some of the best al pastor tacos around. Go easy on the hot salsa, it carries a big kick!

San Pancho

Just north of Sayulita is an even smaller town of San Francisco also known as San Pancho. It boasts a beautiful wide beach that is great for relaxing, but be careful as the tides can be stronger here. There are several art galleries in town and restaurants on the beach so you can take in the beautiful view while you enjoy lunch. San Pancho also boasts a lovely lagoon right by the beach where you can see all sorts of local birds enjoying the fresh water. \

Punta Mita

If you’re in the mood to potentially mingle with the rich and famous, head north to the small town of Punta Mita which is home to some of the most luxurious hotels and villas in the area. Many celebrities and wealthy individuals choose Punta Mita as their preferred vacation spot. The town itself is quite small and has a handful of restaurants in a row along the water. The beach itself is a great area to try paddle boarding and you can also rent local lanchas, or boats to take to you the islands of Las Marietas. Depending on the time of year, it is a great chance to go whale watching if you happen to be visiting between the months of December and March. There is something spiritual about seeing the humpback whales up close, and you are practically guaranteed a sighting if you visit during these key months.


Around 20 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport is the small beach town of Bucerias. Some of its highlights include a fun open air market that is open every day. You can find local handicrafts, souvenirs and even nice Mexican glassware and art. It’s also a great spot to pick out a beach hat or sunscreen if you forgot to bring some with you. The beach is lined with many restaurants, mostly specializing in seafood or casual Mexican cuisine. On the week-ends, live music can be found at El Chiverio in the afternoons. An unique activity in Bucerias if that you can ride horseback on the beach. Every day, horses and their handlers walk up and down the beach offering rides at reasonable rates. The beautiful bay view from Bucerias gives you a glimpse up to Punta Mita and down south to Puerto Vallarta.

San Sebastian

If you find the Puerto Vallarta heat and humidity a bit extreme, cool off by heading inland about 1 1/2 hours to the explore the quaint town of San Sebastian. With a population of only around 500 inhabitants, this small town gem has remained largely the same in the last hundred years. You can rent an ATV to explore or simply walk the cobblestone streets as the town is easily explored on foot. It’s central plaza has a lovely gazebo that is great spot to enjoy Mexican ice cream known as helado. If you want a more upscale meal, don’t miss the exquisite Villa Nopal which will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to the French countryside. With beautiful gardens and flowers in bloom year round, it is a lovely setting for a delicious meal in style. Don’t miss the French Onion soup which is both authentically French and satisfying.

Puerto Vallarta has so much to see and do, but sometimes it is nice to get out of town and explore smaller towns. The charm and beauty of these towns make them great choices for day trips from Puerto Vallarta. Whether you go by car or take local transportation, these are all great ideas for fun day trips from PV. Try to check them all out when you have time!

How To Know if It’s a Timeshare Scam

How To Know if It's a Timeshare Scam

Timeshare scams could inadvertently happen to you if you don’t know the warning signs to look out for. Having a vacation club membership is a smart way to plan ahead effectively for future vacations, but you should also be aware that there are timeshare scams out there to avoid.  Do you want to invest with a quality vacation membership, but protect yourself from scammers at the same time? If so, read below to know the top timeshare scam warning signs and you will successfully prevent a timeshare scam from happening to you.

#1 Warning Sign: No Reputation

The best way to avoid a timeshare scam is to find a reputable provider like the award winning Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa. Resorts and vacation clubs like Garza Blanca that have been recognized for their superior standards and service are always the best choice.  A company with a bad reputation is a clear no. However, what do you do if you run across a company that has no reputation at all? That is actually a red flag when a vacation club has no information about them at all. The majority of timeshare scammers are able to keep finding new victims and avoid prosecution by authorities by simply regularly changing their company name. That way, they can continue to scam unsuspecting victims. Before you purchase any vacation membership, always thoroughly investigate the company and consider their reputation. If a provider has no reputation at all, that timeshare company is most likely a scammer and should be avoided at all costs.

#2 Lack Of Resort Network

These days, most legitimate timeshare companies prefer to be in a network with other similar resorts. The reason is today’s vacation club members want their membership to have more flexibility and variety so they can enjoy vacations at different resort properties within the network. If a timeshare company is not connected with a network or resort partnership, then that could be a sign that they are a timeshare scammer. Today’s savvy vacation club members demand the added choice of vacationing at different properties as opposed to being stuck vacationing at one location. When a timeshare company is not part of a network or group, it should be considered a potential warning sign that they are a timeshare scammer.

#3 Suspicious Sales Rep 

Another way to pinpoint a timeshare scam is to take a good look at the sales rep or promoter who is trying to make the sale. All legitimate sales reps are given ID’s that they can present that links to them the resort they claim to work for.  Always ask the sales representative to show you their proper identification before you waste your time. If a sales rep cannot produce a valid ID, then they most likely timeshare scammers. Also, stop and think about where the sales representative contacted you.  Timeshare scammers are not authorized to promote in shopping centers or at the airport, so if a sales representative approaches you around town, be very careful.  Ask for valid identification and you can protect yourself from becoming a timeshare scam victim.

#4 Off Site Contract Signing 

Another warning sign of a timeshare scam happens when the sales representative gets you interested in a particular resort, but then takes you to a different resort for the tour. This is a huge indicator that a timeshare scam is underway. Also, where did the sales representative perform the sales presentation? Did they rush you through a tour at the resort, but then quickly take you to a totally different location off site to sign the membership contract? This is a major red flag of a timeshare scam. If any sales representative performs a sales presentation off site or asks you to sign the contract a different location outside of the resort, then they are most likely a timeshare scammer.

#5 Follow Your Gut

Did you have an general feeling of unease in dealing with the sales rep or catch them in little white lies? If so, you are probably dealing with a scammer as legitimate timeshare sales representatives are professional, honest, and not permitted to tell any incorrect or dishonest information about resort membership plans. If something just felt off, follow your gut and trust your instincts to stay safe. Follow these warning signs to avoid about timeshare scams and you will be protected. A vacation club membership with a genuine timeshare company is an excellent opportunity and investment for you as long as you only deal with reputable companies.

Can I Cancel My Timeshare?

Can I Cancel My Timeshare?

Are you considering cancelling your timeshare membership? Before you make a costly mistake, make sure to read this first. Below has all the information you need to know in regards to a timeshare membership cancellation and the potential repercussions you could face.

Can I Cancel?

It is important to understand and accept that like any other contract or document, timeshare contracts are legally binding agreements that cannot be cancelled after the cooling off period has ended. It doesn’t matter the varied reasons you may have for wanting to cancel a membership. The contract is a legal document and clearly states that after signing your membership cannot be cancelled. It is wise to understand that a timeshare membership contract is legal and must be treated as such. Once you realize that you cannot cancel a membership, you can avoid potential scams from timeshare cancellation companies that could try to convince you otherwise. It is best to enjoy your vacations and start planning how you can make the most of your vacation ownership investment.

What Is A Cooling Off Period?

The cooling off period is the time period after signing a timeshare contract in which you are able to cancel. This time frame was created in order to protect timeshare providers as well as new members. This allows new owners to have a few days to more thoroughly read through the contract, and understand the timeshare membership commitment. In addition, it also protects timeshare providers from clients that change their mind or made a rash decision. The cooling off period is generally 5 to 14 days when you can legally cancel after the contract was signed.  Make sure to check the details of your contract carefully so you can accurately verify the specific dates for your membership. Once the cooling off period has ended, owners cannot cancel their membership. At that time, the timeshare provider also begins officially processing the sale and pays out commission to their sales reps.

Cooling Off Period Is Over: What Can I Do Now?   

Did you look carefully at your timeshare contract and are realizing that the cooling off period has already ended? Are you now not sure what to do next since you were considering a cancellation? Since you cannot cancel, isn’t it better to begin scheduling your next vacation to enjoy your timeshare membership?  If you purchased a membership with a reputable company such as Tafer Resorts, you will be pleased to know that you are now a member with one of the most prestigious and reputable luxury resorts in Mexico. With properties in Puerto Vallarta and new construction underway in Cabo San Lucas and Riviera Maya, as a Tafer Resort owner you now have the chance to create wonderful vacation memories with your loved ones.  Don’t let the hustle and bustle of daily life pass you by…make the most of it and assure you take time to enjoy the special moments that make life so wonderful.

Avoid Timeshare Cancellation Companies

In addition, it is critical to recognize and avoid fraudulent timeshare cancellation companies that claim they can cancel your timeshare. This is not accurate. Instead, timeshare cancellation companies scam innocent owners into believing they can cancel their contract, but they end up charging an upfront fee and then do not provide a service. Do not waste your time or let your hard earned money be scammed from you. Avoid all timeshare cancellation companies as these fraudsters will only create additional stress and financial duress.

To conclude, you now know that if your cooling off period has passed, you are unable to cancel your membership. As a result, appreciate the great investment you have made in you and start enjoying your membership by making vacation plans. The beautiful and luxurious Tafer Resorts are guaranteed to provide you with the best vacation experiences of your life. Start enjoying your timeshare membership now, and soon you will view it as your dream home in paradise!  

Golfer’s Paradise: 5 Courses in PV

Golfer’s Paradise 5 Courses in PV

Are you going to Puerto Vallarta in the near future? Are you a devoted golfer? You will be happy to know that there are so many outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Puerto Vallarta. There are endless water activities which include scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. There are also plenty of land activities, too including playing golf in world class courses. Would you like to know where the top Puerto Vallarta golf courses are? There are more than ten top-notch golf courses in the Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas, which include the Banderas Bay and up to Punta Mita which is approximately twenty-nine miles away. All of the golf courses have amazing views such as urban terrain, oceanfront vistas, and the jungle. When you come to Puerto Vallarta for your vacation you are entering a golfer’s paradise. The top 5 courses in PV are listed below.

1) Nayar Golf Course – Nuevo Vallarta

The Nayar Golf Course is one of the most exciting courses in the Puerto Vallarta. The Nayar Golf Course is just ten minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta Airport. This is a new Greg Norman golf course that is centered in the Nuevo Vallarta region. It has a golf cart suspension bridge that only has one lane, and the bridge is perched very high above the beautiful Ameca River. The Nayar Golf Course is an 18-hole, par 70 course and has some technical obstacles, and everyone from expert to beginners can enjoy playing golf here. More experienced golfers will enjoy the seven lakes and there are forty-nine bunkers that have been strategically placed for added challenge. You can get the tee times and the rates by calling the Nayar Golf Course.

2) Litibu Golf Club  – Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta, you will see that some of the golf courses can be expensive, but the Litibu Golf Club is affordable. There is a green fee of only $100, which is quite affordable for the Puerto Vallarta area. Just inland from Punta Mita is where the Litibu Golf Club is located. This is a Greg Norman golf course that has a jungle layout. One of the major bonuses of this golf course is the green fee is so low, especially when you see the prices at the other golf courses in Puerto Vallarta. This is a fun place to play golf without breaking the bank, too.

3) Pacifico Golf Course – Punta Mita

The Pacifico Golf Course is one of the four Jack Nicklaus golf courses in Puerto Vallarta. This golf course features 19 holes, and eight of the holes face the Pacific Ocean, which provides amazing views for every guest. The inland holes provide magical views of the Sierra Madre Mountains, and if you love adventures, then you will find it at this golf course. There is an island green that is actually located in the middle of the ocean so the golfer will have to carry approximately 170 yards. This hole is called the Tail of the Whale 3rd Hole. Depending on the tides and currents of the ocean, you will have to access this hole with a boat. If the currents of the ocean are too strong, then you will have to play the landlocked third hole. Off of the 17th and 18th hole across from the Bahia Course in Punta Mita is a popular surf break called the El Faro. Is this golf course expensive? During the low season, the green fees begin at $175.

4) Marina Vallarta Golf Club – Puerto Vallarta Marina Area

The Marina Vallarta Golf Club is located in the Puerto Vallarta marina area. This golf course offers an 18-hole course that was designed by the famous American architect, Joe Finger. The golf course provides a relaxed tropical atmosphere along with Banderas Bay and marina views. The International Pro Am event is held at the Marina Vallarta Golf Club every December, and it is the largest Pro Am golf tournament worldwide. If you love nature and wildlife, then you can stop by the crocodile sanctuary that is upriver from the Marina Vallarta Golf Club. You may even see a crocodile or two walking through the course while you are playing. You should always stay alert. There are also a lot of water holes that crocodiles love that you need to watch out for, too.

5) Weiskopf Golf Course – Vista Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is known for its lush vegetation and the Weiskopf Golf Course is surrounded by it. The golf course opened in 2001, and it is located on the lower west end of Puerto Vallarta. There are mixed terrain, dense jungles, swift creeks, and deep ravines at this course. The nice shade from the greenery feels great when it is hot and sunny. This golf course is located on the same property as the Nicklaus Course, but this golf course is more fun to play. The price to play golf at the Weiskopf Golf Course is $111 for each person after 3:00pm.

Will you be going to Puerto Vallarta soon? If you are, then you will want to make sure you book your tee time at one of these wonderful golf courses. The top 5 courses in PV are truly a golfer’s paradise.

Luxury and Relaxation at Spa Imagine



Did you know that many people believe that the word spa was derived from a Latin term called salus per aquae which means “health from water?” A small Belgian village called Spa where hot mineral springs were used by Roman soldiers to treat their aching muscles and soothe battle wounds is also considered a likely source of the origins of spas. Despite the truth about spa’s origins, spas are used today to soothe, heal and pamper mind, body and spirit.  Beauty and wellness treatments are an essential part of maintaining your physical and emotional health. If you find yourself in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, be sure to schedule a treatment at Spa Imagine which is situated on the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa. Continue reading below to learn more about Spa Imagine and the top 4 treatments we recommend.

Unbeatable Location

Hotel Mousai is where you can find Spa Imagine, which is one of the most luxurious and chic hotels in the area located on the Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa grounds.  A leading wellness provider, Spa Imagine’s mission is to help their clients in attain their personal beauty and wellness goals. A luxurious beauty and wellness treatment center with an edge, Spa Imagine will welcome you into a soothing and relaxing environment where you can enjoy deluxe pampering. With an extensive personalized beauty and wellness treatments that will balance and refresh, Spa Imagine is located on the fifteenth floor of  Hotel Mousai. You will be treated to incredible 360 degrees of pristine ocean and lush jungle views that will inspire. Designed with elegant and spacious interior that invokes a sense of calm and wellbeing to each and every client, Spa Imagine is simply the best spa in the area.

Innovative Beauty and Wellness Treatments

Spa Imagine is proud to offer a lavish hydrotherapy circuit including a whirlpool, a pressure massage shower, cold plunge pool and six-cycle vitality pool that will please even the most cultured clientele. Sit back and relax in Spa Imagine’s relaxation lounge, beauty salon and specialty therapy suites that are designed for both couples and small groups. With a natural theme in mind, each suite focuses on a specific chakra, which are body energy centers, and only the best designer and natural products were selected for their soothing aromas and effects. Spa Imagine also includes state of the art automated massage tables and room temperature control so each client can create a personalized space that is comfortable and perfectly suited to their needs.   

Top 4 Beauty and Wellness Packages:  

  1. Ancestral Mexican Ritual: One of the most popular treatments at Spa Imagine, the 90 minute Ancestral Mexican Ritual is an unique experience that is designed in accordance with ancient Mexican secrets, scents, music and magic. Clients will enjoy an elevated sense of physical and spiritual well being from their treatment which includes a decadent cacao body wrap and hot stone massage.  
  2. Pacific Paradise Spa Experience: The Pacific Paradise Spa Experience highlights their treatment using tropical fragrances and healing properties that are locally derived from the Pacific region. The treatment includes a mini facial, body scrub and relaxing massage to leave you feeling pampered and refreshed.

#3 Gentleman’s Spa Package: Gentlemen are also pampered to the max and the Gentleman’s Spa Package is especially tailored just for men. A 50 minute sport/deep tissue massage, revitalizing facial and pedicure are part of this comprehensive wellness treatment that any man would enjoy.

#4 Love Rekindle Ritual for Couples: Interested in having a beauty and wellness treatment g with your partner? The Love Rekindle Ritual for Couples service is an intimate package for two that is designed to reignite a couple’s passion and romance. Two personalized massages as well as 30 minutes of extra relaxation time in the couple Suite. A bottle of sparkling wine and chocolate dipped strawberries will make this unique treatment a romantic experience to cherish for years to come.

Looking for an unique beauty or wellness treatments in Puerto Vallarta? Look no further than Spa Imagine at the amazing Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa. Make your appointment today at Spa Imagine so you can see why Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa has the best amenities and services around. Interested in being able to enjoy this amazing property on a  regular basis? Ask any staff member if you can attend a timeshare sales presentation where you can learn how you can become part of the Garza Blanca family.

Festival Gourmet in PV: 2018 Program

Festival Gourmet in PV: 2018 Program

Festival Gourmet in PV: 2018 Program

The Festival Gourmet in PV 2018 program is approaching soon and Riviera Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta, and Tepic are ready to party! The Festival Gourmet in PV started in 1995 by Thierry Blouet and Heinz Reize, whom are local chefs. Together, they had a vision to create the Festival Gourmet so local restaurants would be promoted by inviting internationally acclaimed chefs to attend the event. It didn’t take long for the Festival Gourmet to become very successful. The standards and culinary reputation of Puerto Vallarta have been ultimately elevated thanks to this incredible event and the talented chefs that were invited.

The Festival Gourmet in PV Beginnings

The Festival Gourmet in Puerto Vallarta first started in 1995, and at that time only six independently owned restaurants and hotels were involved. Just 24 years later, the original format is basically the same, which means that each local restaurant and hotel must invite a chef to host their particular event. However, the size and amount of participants and attendees has dramatically grown over the years. This year, the Festival Gourmet in Puerto Vallarta event will be featuring 28 locally owned and operated hotels and restaurants. Throughout the years, there have been over a half a million individuals that have attended the Festival Gourmet International event.  In addition,there have been 600 celebrity and well-known chefs that have participated in the events over the decades. That’s certainly a lot of good cooks in the house!  Due to the huge success of the Festival Gourmet International, Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta have earned world class culinary notoriety. Now, even Michelin guest star chefs are now joining in on the fun and coming to participate in the Festival Gourmet in PV.

Features of the Festival Gourmet in PV

On Friday, November 23rd is when the Festival Gourmet International will start and it runs through until Sunday, December 2nd. The hotels and restaurants that are participating in the Festival Gourmet will be hosting a variety of special events where the International chefs will be presenting their culinary inventions for all of the attending guests. The attending guests at the Festival Gourmet in PV will have an amazing opportunity as each one will get to partake in tasting the dinner or dishes. The Hilton Hotel is where the first event of the Festival gourmet will be hosted at its new and elegant Jalisco Hall in the heart of the hotel zone. All of the chefs that were invited along with the local hosts will attend the first event of the festival. At this first event of the festival, every participant will be indulging in tasty foods and the finest wines, tequilas, and beers will also be served.

Top Event Locations and World Renowned Chefs

The Café des Artistes, La Casona, and Bocados STK are just a couple of the best restaurants that will be hosting top events in this year’s Festival Gourmet. Local Chef Alvaro Cortez with Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa will be attending the event at Bocados STK Mixology and Grill Restaurant. The former executive chef at Villa del Palmar Cancun was Chef Cortez, and Chef Cortez will be in the company of Chef Andres Garcia Gonzalez (Current Executive Chef) at Villa del Palmar Cancun Resort as the invited guest chef. Chef Gonzalez represented Mexico abroad in 2010 when he was an invited chef guest at the France “Passion in Paris” contest. The pride of Mexico will be evident as these top chefs dazzle and delight attendees with creative and delicious dishes.  La Casona at Villa La Estancia will be featuring a Mediterranean menu that Chef Leonardo Castro designed personally. Chef Castro specializes in a fusion of international techniques derived from Italian, French, Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai, and Asian foods. Chef Penny Davidi and Chef Mier Santoro was invited by La Casona, and they will provide their culinary expertise as well. The La Casona Restaurant at Villa La Estancia is well-known for only using the finest cuts of New York and Kobe meats.

November 28th – Night of Mole and Mariachi

A night of Mole and Mariachi will be featured at the Festival Gourmet International on November 28th at Café des Artistes at 8:00 pm. You may not know, but mole just happens to be a traditional dish in Mexico, and live Mariachi music has always inspired passion, which will provide a magical evening to all that are attending. For nearly thirty years, Café des Artistes has been serving up unique Mexican dishes at this fine dining restaurant. The Head Chef at Café des Artistes is Thierry Blouet, and the food scene in Puerto Vallarta was drastically elevated due to Thierry Blouet food talent and experiences.

You will want to make sure you mark the date on your calendar so you don’t miss out on the Festival Gourmet International 2018 in Puerto Vallarta. This will be an exciting time for all attendees.

Negative Garza Blanca Timeshare Reviews

Negative Garza Blanca Timeshare Reviews

Negative Garza Blanca Timeshare Reviews

The internet is a wonderful source of information. However, it can sometimes be hard to know what information is true or what information is false. For example, have you read negative reviews about Garza Blanca timeshares? Rest assured that Garza Blanca is a reputable and award winning timeshare provider so you should know that any negative reviews are most likely fake or inaccurate. Sometimes, scam companies try to portray Garza Blanca in a false light in order to scam innocent timeshare members into using their services. Below we have listed 5 Garza Blanca negative reviews that are incorrect and misleading so that you can have the full picture.

Garza Blanca Timeshare Sales Reps Are Scammers

FALSE: Garza Blanca sales reps are highly trained and honest professionals that strive to provide excellent customer service to all existing Garza Blanca vacation ownership members and potential owners.  Garza Blanca timeshare sales representatives are disciplined in the unlikely event that a sales rep lies in order to make a sale. Garza Blanca focuses on training their sales reps to only provide accurate and honest information about the Garza Blanca timeshare membership program, and it is against company policy to provide inaccurate or misleading information.

Garza Blanca Timeshare Presentations Are Excessively Long 

FALSE: Garza Blanca timeshare presentations are not overly long and generally last around 90 minutes. This is an industry standard length of time for a timeshare presentation which ensures potential members receive all the information they need to learn about Garza Blanca vacation ownership benefits. Potential Garza Blanca members are always welcome to stay longer after the timeshare presentation ends if they would like to tour the resort, or ask additional questions.

You Cannot Cancel at Garza Blanca Timeshare Membership

FALSE: Yet another Garza Blanca timeshare negative review that is not true, you are able to cancel your Garza Blanca membership as long it is within the cooling off period time frame.  The Garza Blanca cooling off period is discussed during the sales presentation, and the Garza Blanca timeshare sales rep can answer any questions that you may have. In addition, the cooling off period is also clearly stated in the Garza Blanca timeshare membership contract. Make sure you identify the terms of the Garza Blanca cooling period when you are signing your Garza Blanca membership contract to avoid any confusion.

Garza Blanca Timeshare Exchange Programs Are a Scam

FALSE: Exchanging your Garza Blanca timeshare with other resorts in Mexico is not difficult to do, and this is just another example of an inaccurate negative review about the Garza Blanca timeshare membership. at all. Garza Blanca timeshare exchanges are based upon how many points you have accrued, so that you may use the points toward vacation time at other locations. Sometimes, you are even able to borrow points from future vacations which offers even more choice and flexibility for your vacation. In order to have the best changes of securing the dates and units you want, plan ahead and try to make reservations well in advance.

Garza Blanca Maintenance Fees Are Expensive

FALSE: Garza Blanca Maintenance fees are not expensive and in line with standard timeshare industry maintenance fee costs. The cost for your Garza Blanca Maintenance fees is clearly stated in your Garza Blanca membership contract so you know what you are paying before you become a Garza Blanca timeshare member. Garza Blanca maintenance fees are essential to ensure the proper upkeep and maintenance of your vacation unit, landscaping and grounds and amenities so that all members have the best vacation experience each and every time they vacation.

To conclude, it is clear that Garza Blanca negative reviews are generally a misunderstanding or a straight out lie. If you ever find you have any questions about a Garza Blanca timeshare membership, please contact a Garza Blanca timeshare team member directly and they will be more than happy to resolve any concerns you have.

Timeshare Scams: How to Safely Upgrade Your Membership

Timeshare Scams: How to Safely Upgrade Your Membership

Timeshare Scams: How to Safely Upgrade Your Membership

Have you recently bought a timeshare membership with the Villa Group and you would like to know more information on how to make your investment the best it can be? First, it depends on the level of membership that you have with your timeshare. You can upgrade the membership level and receive added benefits such as added flexibility and added services that will make your vacations even better. Read below to learn about timeshare scams and how to safely upgrade your membership.

Levels of Timeshare Memberships

With each timeshare provider, there are different levels of memberships. If you have noticed that some owners are making complaints about booking their time for their vacations, then this may not be the timeshare provider’s fault as it could be the level of membership that the new owners bought. Members that have the lowest level of vacation ownership may have a harder time booking the better units and the most sought out days as these are the most popular for other owners. If you are able to book your vacations way in advance, then you may be able to obtain these sought after units and dates. Timeshare members should never think about canceling their timeshare because of difficulty in scheduling their vacations. Members should first think about making a membership level upgrade, which will provide the added flexibility that you want and need to make the most of your investment.

Recent Timeshare Member Owners

Are you a recent timeshare member owner? Are you finding it hard to schedule your first vacation? New timeshare members should know that the popular units and dates are probably booked for the rest of the year and probably into the new year, too. Don’t let this frighten you or make you think that you a timeshare scam victim. One of the best ways that you can schedule your vacations is to always plan in advance. New members should never listen to any timeshare cancellation company that tries to convince you that they can cancel your new membership, because they are legally unable and it is most likely a timeshare scam. Timeshare cancellation companies and all third party companies that are not associated with your existing company will only charge you a large upfront fee, but they will never solve any of your vacation ownership problems. Any new owners that are having any problems should immediately contact their existing company and talk to them personally. You may also want to think about a membership upgrade too as this is a great way to schedule the popular units and dates that you would like for your vacations. Avoid becoming a timeshare scam victim!

Timeshare Upgrades-Timeshare Scams-How to Safely Upgrade Your Membership

If you would like to make the most with your timeshare membership and vacation investment, then you should consider an upgrade. A timeshare upgrade will allow you much more flexibility with your vacation ownership provider and membership. You should talk with your existing provider to see what upgrades that they can offer you. One thing you should avoid is going to another sales presentation with a different timeshare provider as this is not the upgrade you are wanting. Many timeshare scam victims ended up purchasing a second membership instead of a simple upgrade that you will legally have to pay for. New timeshare members have made this mistake in the past. Talking to your existing provider about upgrades that will make your timeshare membership better, and many providers also provide a point system for their members that allow their members to store all the points that they acquire and use them later. Some timeshare providers will even allow their members to borrow points from future years so their members can use the points for added services and to make their vacation even better. Timeshare members should consider making an upgrade with their membership to a higher level so you have added options and services for all of your vacations.

In conclusion, timeshare members should consider an upgrade with their existing provider so they can have the best vacations possible. Members should avoid all third party timeshare providers and companies that offer a cancellation service. These providers and companies are more than likely a timeshare scam that only wants your money. You definitely don’t want to end up a timeshare scam victim with an unwanted second membership that you will have to pay for. Always talk to your existing provider when you have any issues or you would like an upgrade. Beware of all timeshare scams. You can safely upgrade your membership with your current provider.

Mexico Timeshare Scam: What to Know

Mexico Timeshare Scam: What to Know

Mexico Timeshare Scam: What to Know

Unfortunately, the Mexico timeshare industry has gotten a bad name and reputation over the years because of Mexico timeshare scams that have occurred to some unfortunate people. The good news is that the majority of Mexico timeshares and their offers are genuine. You can keep yourself from becoming a Mexico timeshare scam victim. We have provided the top tips and tricks of Mexico timeshare scams below so you can protect yourself.

Mexico Timeshare Sales Pitch

If you encounter a fierce sales pitch, then you should know that this is one of the biggest signs of a Mexico timeshare scam. Potential victims are offered discounted meals, tours, prizes, and big incentives just to attend a sales presentation. Some Mexico timeshares have even offered free vacations and cars to get potential victims to attend a sales presentation. If you do attend a presentation you should make sure that you read the fine print to make sure what you are being offered incentives that are actually available. If you are asked to pay a fee to become eligible, then you should know that this is another popular Mexico timeshare scam, and another common scam is when the scammer convinces you to purchase a new timeshare, but they are actually selling an old timeshare. You will not realize you have been involved in a Mexico timeshare scam until you see that you are stuck paying for two timeshares instead of one.

Never, Ever Sign Urgent Contracts

Once you know how to identify a Mexico timeshare scam, it will be easier for you to spot the timeshare scams and fierce sales tactics that go along with a Mexico timeshare scam. The agent may offer you a very large discount with the timeshare purchase, but in order for you to get this discount you must sign the contract immediately. Anytime the agent has an urgency for you to sign a timeshare contract, it should be a warning sign to avoid this agent. Sometimes the agent may even go after your ego by suggesting that this amazing timeshare deal isn’t exactly right for you. This is a common reverse psychology tactic that often works and innocent victims will sign the contract.

All Paperwork Should Be Read

All paperwork should be read thoroughly, and if you can have a lawyer read the paperwork for you before you sign is an excellent tip. Before you sign the contract you should go to the property first. You should never purchase a Mexico timeshare before you see the property. Websites and pictures will not show you exactly what the property looks like, which is why you should see the property first hand. Another very important topic that you should know about is the maintenance costs. Make sure the maintenance fees are addressed in the contract. If a timeshare has not been built yet or is still under construction you should wait to purchase it because many times the financing falls through and victims are stuck paying for a Mexico timeshare that they will never enjoy. Especially in foreign markets you should consider using an escrow company. The escrow company has the experience to deal with the buyer and seller’s exchange of money.

You have just read the top Mexico timeshare scams and what you need to know about them. Remember to never sign any contract on demand and always read through the contract before you sign it. If the agent is too pushy and offers many enticing incentives you should tread with caution. Take enough time to carefully think through any important decision. Once you have everything written in the contract you can successfully purchase a Mexico timeshare vacation property that is genuine, and avoid becoming a Mexico timeshare scam victim.